Question to Interlude and Interlude-53 Fans and Users ?


Basenotes Junkie
Oct 4, 2014
Fragrance Lovers,

Anyone here who uses both Interlude and Interlude-53 which one do you think lasts longer on your skin ? Which one do you enjoy the most ? Do you see any Mark difference between the two ? If yes, what is the main significant difference ? I am planning to buy a decant of Interlude-53 when I say decant I mean a bigger one like 20ML. I hav used Interlude and though I love it's smell I thought it just lacked in performance l, not projection but longevity it just did not stay for long and after an hour it turned out to be a skin. Scent on me.

What do you guys suggest ?


Basenotes Dependent
Apr 17, 2006
The OG's oregano note is a bit much for some, but I personally felt the incense was turned up and the oregano note a little more muted on Interlude 53. I am also offering decants for the 53, with 30ml spots available. Please check my decant link in my signature if interested.

Diamond Joe

Basenotes Dependent
Feb 5, 2019
Tend to agree with the above post, the oregano note is slightly tuned down in 53, making it more enjoyable, at least IMO. I have not had any problems with longevity with either concentration though, both last an eternity (or until its washed off in the shower)

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