QED shaving soaps


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Apr 25, 2007
20120614-QED.png QED Shaving Soaps

[Top to Bottom, Left to Right]
American Gent, Violetta
Anise & Lavender, Fresh Lime
Pine & Cedarwood, Bay Rum
Luxury Lather¹, Sandalwood
Wild Rose, Luxury Lather²

There were twice as many QED shaving soaps, but these are what I own and use. Charles (owner/founder of QED) also made/sold "shave sticks³", many of which were not available in "tubs".

¹ Vetiver (a regular product, don't know why Charles never made a corresponding label)
² Jasmine (a custom creation, which I bought from the B&B member who commissioned it)
³ Shave Sticks (not pictured): Bathtub Gin, Bay Rum, Mocha Java, Vetiver


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