Praise for Banana Republic Metal Rain

Hugh V.

Basenotes Dependent
Dec 9, 2016
I sampled this a while back and though it was a nice modern scent that would be great for work and day-to-day wearings. It kind of reminded me of Creed's Silver Mountain Water and MI. That said, I wasn't bowled over by it either, as my tastes skew more to the old school.

Anyways, I finally found this as the discounters for $22 and snagged it.

First official impression was that this smelled like Cremo's Silver Water & Birch, and Ed Hardy's Love & Luck. I've smelled these more than the actual Creeds so this is what I associated Metal Rain, and because of that, I was a little disappointed. I don't like to wear relatively modern fragrances that are so common. But still, it provided a clean scent that never became "drier linen sheet", which I hate because drier linen sheets smell dry, and not fresh at all to me. Oh yeah, this thing projects decently for maybe two hours before becoming a really subtle skin scent. Not cool, but for $22 dollars, I'm not crying. It at least smells like it's made of high quality ingredients.

Well, after several more wearings, I noticed a totally different vibe. Instead of getting Silver Mountain Water or MI, I get a bit of Fahrenheit in there. Not the gasoline note, but something else that makes the scent smell exceptionally good. I watched a YouTube review of it by the Perfume Guy and he was actually spot on with his review and description of it. He said it's like the two Creed's and another I haven't tried, and he also mentioned that MR has a violet leaf note that's also found in Fahrenheit. That's it!!

Anyways, that's all I can smell now, and I'm grateful. It's a really nice scent, and easily the best I own currently. If only it lasted for a decent amount of would be a #1 signature scent for me. I wouldn't pay retail price for it though, as I said, the longevity is abysmal. Even my a $7 Cuba Black seems to last longer.

I saw other Banana Republic fragrances at the discounter: Grassland, Dark Cherry & Amber, and Cardamom & Geranium. I was hoping for 78 Vintage Green but no luck.

Grassland is compared to Creed's Green Irish Tweed and Cool Water, the latter being something that's way too synthetic and harsh to me, but also triggers a lot of pleasant nostalgia. But Grassland apparently is similar to Metal Rain, in that it's inspired by multiple fragrances, so that it apparently becomes its own thing. I'm considering blind buying this one, because at worse, it'll probably be a more tolerable and pleasant time machine to the early 90s, as opposed to reformulated Cool Water.

Anybody else have thoughts on this line or these fragrances?

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