PONK module 6 - odour descriptions here (spoiler alert past post 1)


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Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
PONK is organised regular blind smelling practice for many levels of perfumers with a monthly mystery box of untitled materials.

This is open house practice to learn and share information on BN. Those of you who do not wish to have a pre-prepared box can still join in.... but go to the relevant reveal first to get the right materials yourself, and then just join in the discussion on that thread.

Module 6 is the sixth box in this series and this is the thread to post your smelling observations and comments.

It is for practice and discussion amongst beginners and seasoned noses alike. You do not have to identify the material to join in. Just come on thread and say whatever you like. There are no barriers or judges here.

The aim is NOT to guess the mystery ingredients....but to use your nose to contemplate it fully without that pressure to recognise the material.

For this who have ordered one then look out for these landing on your mat soon (I hope)


Guess the nose this time..... for the nosy.

When you get yours, please do not spoil the fun for those without their boxes by saying what you think it is but by all means do post your thoughts and observations here. These modules are not usually about guessing the notes in the slightest.

Each box contains the materials in numbered vials and the reveal is within the box in a semi sealed document. Partly for customs inspection reasons. Have a bit of fun and test yourself by smelling blind whilst making notes, but then wait and discuss before peeking.

In this next module, the contents are related to the nose image in a roundabout way. See what you think.

After this post, then don't read anymore on this thread if yours isn't there yet (unless you want to).

For an evaluation sheet, press this nose.

BTW... Please do NOT test these on your skin but only on smelling strips.

They are various strengths to suit each project module. These are sometimes concentrated chemicals at the end of the day and need respecting as such. Please only use smelling strips until you know what they are and how much to use.

The dilutions are varied in this box. You'll see what and why.. Those that are above smelling strength at 20% will benefit from being diluted in ethanol to smell them. This time I used a diluent of 50% IPM to PA. Last time pure IPM in most, and in the case of the lowest dilution, it absolutely killed any scent, so I used the PA alongside the IPM to at least obtain some projection whilst toeing the line for flash points. I think this makes a good compromise for the postal restrictions.

Don't rush these. There is plenty of time, and learning to smell isn't a race. Enjoy them.

I apologise for the long delay with this module. As some of you may know, I had a badly broken wrist that developed into Sudeck's/CRPS which prevented me from doing anything for a while. It will hopefully resolve in time with some good physio. A big thank you to my sister and my family for helping me with the module packing.
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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
I've just been informed that a PONK 6 has landed in Knoxville USA so they should be on most mats by now..... hopefully anyway.

I've been a bit off the ponk boil with this disobedient hand, but getting back to normal bit by bit.

Looking forward to some smelly comments if you've been sniffing these modules.


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Jul 30, 2011
My observations before reading the reveal:

#1 (20%)
First impressions: sweet, wet, carrots, slightly earthy, but clean and floral, diffusive and elegant, slightly green, smooth, slightly fatty/oily/creamy

Colours suggested: pastels, beige, pink, pistachio green

Very pleasant

Quite strong and diffusive

Very familiar

Liquid is practically colourless, very thin

10 mins: still slightly carrot-like, maybe creamier, woodier...

20 mins: not much apparent change

1 hr: could smell this in the air upon re-entering the room, so quite strong and diffusive; profile still similar, perhaps getting a little woodier and harsher – closer to #2.

2 hrs: more floral and green, watery (in a muguet direction)

6 hrs: weaker now, with a chalky association, powdery

24 hrs: strength still very good; wet floral orris, woody powdery creamy, very pleasing

48 hrs: still present with very good strength. Creamy woody orris.

98 hrs: still present with reasonable strength – very good longevity

#2 (20%)
First impressions: Practically odourless.

5 minutes: getting stronger now, but faint and difficult to describe... woody/fatty/aldehydic/metallic, somewhat harsh, something of a functional soapy/detergent/washing powder association...

10 mins: a bit stronger and clearer now; orris/violet facet more discernible now

1 hr: clearly discernible now, although not very strong or diffusive. Same profile.

6 hrs: quite faint

24 hrs: still discernible, same profile

48 hrs: can't smell

98 hrs: nothing

Not particularly pleasant by itself; quite synthetic smelling.

Colour: beige, yellow, white, brown, magenta

Not very familiar itself, but reminiscent of familiar things.

Liquid is practically colourless, thin.

#3 (20%)
First impressions: Practically odourless. After a minute, faint violet/orris.

5 mins: violet, orris, woody, quite weak, difficult to grasp

30 mins: stronger; same violet/orris, woody

Colour: purple

Not very familiar in itself but reminiscent of violet flowers.

Not particularly pleasant by itself; would need blending.

Doesn't seem particularly strong.

4 hrs: very faint

22 hrs: very faint, but still discernible

48 hrs: only very faintly discernible – almost nothing

96 hrs: nothing

Practically colourless thin liquid

#4 (5%)
First impressions: orris, violet, pyrazine facets (baked bread, nutty), powdery, warm, woody (cedar)

Subtle anisic/liquorice/spicy facet.

Has a feeling of density.

Getting olfactory fatigue after a while.

Colour suggested: beige, brown (maybe due to the nutty, bready, food-like associations).

1 hour: notable fruity raspberry facet, strength still good, quick fatigue

2 hrs: weaker, softer

4 hrs: very much weaker

24 hrs: still discernible, though weak

48 hrs: still discernible, mild, darker and earthier than #1

Thin liquid, very slight yellow-brown tint.

Very pleasant and intriguing.

#5 (10%)
Thin colourless liquid

First impressions: linalyl acetate-like facet (fresh citrus fruity woody); watery/floral transparent note recalling Hedione or hydroxycitronellal, sweet, clean violet-like note, more sweetness coming through – maybe a coumarin/vanillin facet? Sweet woody/sandalwood tones - vetiveryl acetate?

5 mins: sweet violet note getting stronger

10 mins: citrus linalyl acetate facet gone, quite perfumey now (methyl ionone?)

30 mins: seems significantly weaker, possibly olfactory fatigue...

1 hour: weaker, a bit more synthetic and much more one-dimensional now

3 hours: much weaker now, and again less complex; a slightly powdery woody orris/violet note

24 hrs: very faint orris

I would think this is a perfumery base – it seems to be composed of a number of different materials. It is quite clean and refined. It doesn't have the earthy, carroty naturalness of #1 or #4.

Reminds me a little of Chanel No 19.

Colours suggested: green, pink

Strength: medium

Quite pleasant: elegant and refined, only a little synthetic.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
Fabulous descriptions.

These are quite hard to smell one after another. That might be where the olfactory fatigue comes in.

For those who don't know, the evaluation sheets are available for each module when you press the nose in post 1 and on the PONK site.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
And finally the Canadian post gets there.....

Looking forward to your comments.

For those who choose just to enjoy them, comments are nice but not obligatory. The descriptions of the aromas, however brief, do help others Especially beginners, to smell with something to search for with their nose and mind.


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Jul 19, 2016
Ponk Module 6

It's heavily raining outside, a perfect evening to ponk. Even if Roudnitska recommends to do serious smelling in the morning. :D
I have not previously read any other comments on Module 6.

Sample 1:
I love the smell of this material: it has a nice balance between floral, earthy and sweet aspects. In comparison to other materials in the same direction, it is rather sweet, candy like, plush. The earthy part is very similar to carrot seed. The floral part points to an α-ionone violet direction.
If I were Dior, I could imagine to add some minor top notes to that and have some screechy base note take over after a reasonable time and name the whole thing "Homme". But then I am me, and as much as I like the materials for itself, for me the sweetness is too pronounced to be wearable. On a woman I imagine it to be to earthy and rooty, as a principal material. It might have hidden strengths.

Sample 2:
Maybe I see where this module is going. This sample announces itself at a 20% dilution, but after a few minutes is relatively weak. The smell seems familiar, and never have I experienced difficulties with smelling these kind of things.
So we're talking violet here. I have violets in my garden, and every spring they work hard to fill the air with their wonderful smell. It's rather crisp and fresh. Sample 2 is not: it is a distorted violet smell, as if someone with an overdose of Brahamol or Sandalore walked by. Very sweet and a bit woody.
Maybe this makes some people think of iris root, but its not. Iris root is rather earthy not woody, and rather crisp than sweet.
Also sample 2 has some rather cool, snowy aspects, I might even say borderline to some aldehydes.

Sample 3:
I smelled that one already when opening the box and it's one of the compounds that feel like an old friend to me. As a man I rarely get flowers, even rarer roses. Now chance wants it, that I work as a teacher and the students organise a yearly rose give-away during which I end up having one or two roses of a very nice quality. And when all the students are gone I bury my nose deep into the rose and slowly inhale. And there it is, the smell of sample 3: for me it reflects the noble aspects of a rose, regardless in what other flowers it might appear. It's the compliment to the vulgar phenylethanol and the childish freshness of rose oxide.
Be careful not to smell it in too high a concentration, then otherwise the rose effect is lost. It becomes very sweet, nearly cloying and looses a lot of elegance. Some months ago, I read that there are differences in sensitivity to this kind of material in different populations, probably making them prefer different kinds of fruit each, i.e. to rely on different resources. My ancestors must have belonged to a population that was very sensitive. I strongly prefer food with relatively high proportions of it: So I regularly to to Austria to buy a raspberry syrup that contains a lot of what I think is Sample 3.

Sample 4:
I didn't know this sample in this context, but I feel I can see why it has found it's way into this module. Besides a main sweet ethereal note there is a secondary facet reminding strongly of violets. But in all, for me its very weak on strip (I would give it 2 out of 10) and I hardly can say more than that.
Some minutes later the smell is less shy: it is situated in the iris root premises, but it is relatively clean, and maybe a bit to concise to be the iris root I know. Also I can smell aspects of linden blossom and I get the impression that my nose saturates very quickly with it. Difficult to evaluate.

Sample 5:
I have the 10% concentration of that stronger in memory, probably due to the solvent. Also a wonderful material to me: It's like the child of two of the perfumer's pets: Iso E Super and Methyl Ionone Gamma. It has a very creamy woodiness, a nice balanced violet floral aspect and it is rather transparent. Maybe not as much as Iso E Super itself, but that's very natural: whereas Iso E Super has a rather uncoloured muguet aspect to it, sample 5 does it with violets (or iris root, if you prefer) in purple, so it is like looking through sunglasses with a light purple filter. Everything is a bit more relaxed, more coloured, more interesting and maybe even a bit cooler.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
I've been combing your two evaluations side by side to see what is being pulled out here.

1) Interesting that you both mention earthy, carrot, floral and sweet for the first.... This is a wonderful chemical blend with all sorts of useful nuances. It has been very carefully designed to mimic the real thing. A huge quantity of work must have gone into this one. I hate to think what it's origination costs amounted to. As far as I understand, it has captive molecules within it, so we would be unlikely to be able to replicate it exactly. An extremely diffusive thing, so a rather useful tool. now you have it alone, then I expect it is highly recognisable in many a commercial scent.

Aside. Carrot seed is also an interesting and undervalued ingredient as it has a wonderful earthy quality. It would be interesting to do a side by side of various dilutions of the two. I used to use it a lot when I used only naturals, but haven't pulled it out in a long while. Time to do so.

2) This one will have tired the nose quickly. Worth coming in and out for the room for this one. Both of you pick up the distorted/synthetic vibe here. A useful tool that actually enhances and brings volume rather than as a stand alone. It adds diffusiveness and a layer of woody fruitiness. Picked up here by both as woody and aldehydic. Almightily useful stuff to fill potentially missing nuances to other blends and as a support chemical.

3) Interesting that this came over as rose because it is so often used in those accords. The violets floral aspects are less used as themselves now that those very victorian style hanky perfumes are out of favour. I see a resurgence of this because they are so useful for manly florals. Another to tire the nose when smelled in quick succession. I had a discussion with a respected member about putting these chemicals all together and was duly warned about fatigue. However they are the same section of the perfumers toolbox so I felt it is relevant to. I did heed and leave another out after the advice, as it would indeed have been one too many of the same.

4) Nice facets being picked up here and the complexity is apparent. You'll see why soon enough. The 8% versione is very powerful and I still have yet to smell a 15% one. A treat to come.

5) I love the family connotations here. Interesting that this is perceived as whole enough to be a base. I shall go back to it myself to look for that. Designed as a heart note apparently. The floral woody amber side is getting picked up too.

Nice noses chaps. Huge back pats so far. Bang on target.
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Oct 3, 2007
Here are my brief impressions, pardon the lack of coherance. These were all sniffed within 5 minutes and then about half an hour later.

1.Dusty, sweet, light, yet doughy. Purple, violety, orris like. Heart note
2.Woody, cedar like. Peppery and airy. Vegetal, slightly floral. Light base or top note.
3.Doughy, yeast. Sweet floral (ionones), lightly fruity, Violet candy? Creamy and buttery. Mid or base note.
4.Soapy, Vegetal, light, dusty, iris. Top or mid note
5. Less pepper than #2, but soapy like #4. Green, floral, violet. Sharper than the others.

I love reading everyone's impressions!
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Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
Here are my brief impressions, pardon the lack of coherance. These were all sniffed within 5 minutes and then about half an hour later.

These are super. What you will find with this particular PONK set is that each one will make your nose anosmic very quickly and make the next ones hard to perceive. They tire your receptors. Once you have had the initial fun sniffing and comparing, the download the evaluation sheet by pressing the nose image in post #1. This will give guidance for thorough notes.

I love comparing all the impressions and think it gives a very good overall picture of how each one really smells. We are all using our noses together.

A trans global nose machine.... Fantastic.


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Basenotes Plus
Feb 28, 2009
I just was searching for PONK and came across this on the URBAN dictionary. No point really... just made me smile and I thought I would share.
Ponk. A Jewish/Brooklyn/New York slang for Marijuana and the illegal usage of this substance. im gonna grind up the ponk...pass the binger mush!


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
How funny when words change. There are other less desirable slangs of it too.

In my day it meant a nasty or strong smell. We'd hold our noses as children and say 'what a ponk''.

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