PONK module 4 - odour descriptions here (spoiler alert past post 1)


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Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
PONK is organised regular blind smelling practice for perfumers with a monthly mystery box.

Those of you who do not wish to have a box can still join in.... but go to the last reveal first to get the right materials and then just join in the discussion on that thread. This is open house to learn and share information on BN.

Module 4 is the fourth box in this series and this is the thread to post your smelling observations and any other random comments. Do not feel judged by anything you say or think. This is not a competition to find a nose. It is for practice and discussion amongst beginners and seasoned noses alike. Our noses are as good as any nose. This is to hone them like a good pair of scissors

If you stay quiet when you have a question, then nothing gets gained.

The aim is NOT to guess the mystery ingredients....but to use your nose to contemplate it fully without that pressure to recognise the material.

For this who have ordered one then look out for these landing on your mat soon (I hope)


When you get yours, please do not spoil the fun for those without their boxes by saying what you think it is but by all means do post your thoughts and observations here. This one is absolutely NOT about guessing the notes in the slightest. I think some have felt nervous about posting any thoughts as yet. Don't be because we don't bite.

As last time, the reveal is within the box in a semi sealed document. Partly for customs inspection reasons. Have a bit of fun and test yourself by smelling blind whilst making notes, but then wait and discuss before peeking. This one is about impressions and mood, NOT note identification.

After this post, then don't read anymore on this thread if yours isn't there yet (unless you want to).

For an evaluation sheet, press this nose.

BTW... Please do NOT test these on your skin but only on smelling strips.

They are various strengths to suit this project module. This strength is too strong for some of their recommended use in perfumes by EU and IFRA recommendations. These are concentrated chemicals at the end of the day and need respecting as such. Please only use smelling strips until you know what they are and how much to use.

The dilutions, are very varied in this box. Those that are @20% could go down to 10% with another solvent like perfumers alcohol or everclear for smelling purposes (by adding the same weight again 1:1 for those who don't know this). Some are higher so you have some to play with. I can help with the dilution ratios if you get stuck.

I'm hoping this modules' slightly different stance will make it less reliant on my input and will trigger ideas and conversations between yourselves. We'll see.

Don't rush these. There is plenty of time and learning to smell isn't a race. Enjoy them.

(I am going away until the 25th, so my participation in discussion will return after that date)
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Jul 30, 2011
PONK 4 - Blind evaluations

#1 (20%)
Herbal earthy minty. Mild. Slightly medicinal/leathery. Remotely fruity (blackcurrant/buchu facets).

10 mins: stronger, medicinal herbal, slightly floral salicylate. Clean musky? Clean and clinical.

12 hours: nothing

Dentist's chair?

#2 (5%)
Top: sweet woody smokey. Strong. Warm, comforting. Relaxing. Summer. Appetising.

12 hrs: sweet creamy undertone. Good strength and diffusiveness. Faintly smoky and woody.


#3 (60%)
Top: Familiar but difficult to place. Somewhat medicinal, sweet herbal. Somewhat sweet-woody.
Mid: more herbaceous, slightly citrusy, slightly nutty - think I know it now.
12 hrs: surprisingly somewhat blackcurrant/minty - an almost terpenic fruity note, fresh, herbal, slightly ambergris (ambrox)

A medieval herb garden?

#4 (20%)
Top: very weak, very faintly moss/marine/fruity/woody. Just a touch phenolic?
12 hrs: a very faint iodine/blood/metal/marine note.

Just been dragged ashore after swallowing a mouthful of seawater. Still unconscious. Perhaps receiving medical treatment.

#5 (40%)
Top: quite soft, fecal, fruity, skatole/civet. Warm. Oceanic/salty, old wood. Primal/ancient. Human breath.
12 hrs: soft skatolic animal warm, feminine, somewhat musky

Unwashed sunbathers at the beach, didn't brush their teeth.

So all in all, putting everything together, I think I am in the midst of an interesting seaside barbecue or... about to have a rotting tooth pulled out at the dentists.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
I just saw this and you've made me smile. You'll see why.

I'm stuck in Athens by a cancelled plane so will be back for proper comment as soon as BA sort themselves out. I'm having a hard time by a hotel swimming pool. Sigh!


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Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
Back home and back on the smelly case now. Most people have reported getting these module 4's now and are having a good sniff to see what is what.

No reason to guess the ingredients at all except for your own edification, just observe and make comment. It will be interesting to see the overall impressions of 'where' your nose takes you first without having to know what they actually are. Renegade has picked up on a lot of the nuances. A very fine nose.

Here is what is inside the number 4 modules for the interest of those who haven't got them.







Any ideas on the nose? Check out twitter for running commentary here @PonkClub
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Jan 23, 2011
Just got my Ponk #4 via Canada Post today -- way out in the colonies. Impressions follow:


1. Minty, fresh, ozonic, slightly animalic, Clary Sage?

2. Sight vanilla but not really. Rushes.

3. Smells like linalool. lavender.

4. Seaweed

5. Has floral, some indole, smells like cheap Indian knock-off scents. Yuck.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
Blimey. That one took it's travelling time again. Nearly a whole month this time.

Loving the impressions of them. Your nose knows.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 31, 2010
.... and the nosy nose was...


Our very own birthday girl.


and the reveal is here

Please do not say anything about the contents on this thread as some have not got to sniffing their boxes yet
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