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Guidelines to Bugs and Suggestions​

  • Please use this forum to post any bug reports or feature requests you have.
  • Please ensure there is a separate thread for each issue.
  • I am aware there will be lots of issues as a result of the move from vBulletin, and I'd rather 20 people told me about the same problem, than no-one mentioning it. Don't assume I already know. Having said that, please do a search to see if it has been already mentioned - if so then please upvote the suggestion/bug.
  • Please upvote the suggestions and bugs you agree with (You can sort by popular, which will help me decide what to focus on first. However, Bugs will get first priority, followed by Missing Features, followed by suggestions)
  • Sometimes, even if your suggestion is awesome, there may not be much I can do to implement it. It might involve changes to the forum that I am not able to do. If this is the case I will advise as such.

How to Upvote

There's a small grey arrow to the top right of the first post (underneath the post on mobile). It looks like this.

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 08.07.44.png

When your vote has been recorded, it will turn pink, and the counter will increase.

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 08.08.05.png
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