Please help suggest a fragrance for my wife based on her likes.


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Aug 21, 2014
My wife has owned and loves the following fragrances. Please suggest something new she will love. Anything below $500

PdM: Delina
Guerlain: Mon Guerlain
Le Labo: Rose 31
Le Labo: Bergamote 22

She hates:
TM: Angel
(even though it's my fav.)
MFK: BR 540


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Sep 5, 2013
Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose, or have her try any of the Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. Most are excellent.
Les Parfums de Rosine are all rose fragrances. Une Zeste de Rose has bergamot + rose.
For lavender, she might like SL Gris Clair.

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