Pink Tax? Herod: $250 <> Delina: $355

Sep 29, 2022
Sebastian (theperfumeguy on YouTube) mentioned this in an offhanded way in a video I watched recently.

  • Parfums de Marly sells its male targeted releases in 125ml or 75ml bottles - most for $350 and $250 respectively.
  • Its female targeted releases are sold in 75ml bottles - for $355.

Anyone notice this before? Is this a common pricing strategy?



Basenotes Dependent
Apr 25, 2012
I noticed this yesterday when Macy’s sent me my package which also had a smelly piece of paper listing prices for D&G fragrances:

K (for men) 3.3oz = $126
Q (for women) 3.3oz =$142

Since we know most of the cost of manufacturing goes into the presentation and the women’s version of this fragrance has a larger crown than the men’s, maybe that’s the reason it’s just under $20 more? Maybe more expensive ingredients went into Q? Press X to doubt.

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