Perfume: Television Series - 28th June - BBC4


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
May 10, 2006
Just spotted this on radio times. Tonight - BBC4 9:00pm - 10:00pm

A three part BBC series on Perfume. Hopefully people outside of the UK can download it from BBC iPlayer afterwards if interested.

Should be interesting!

"BBC4's luxury season continues with a new series that wafts away fragrant clouds of advertising puff and sniffs behind the scenes of the perfume industry. Unsurprisingly, this multimillion-pound business isn't as sweet-smelling as its products. In this first episode, we meet two very different parfumiers competing in a cut-throat marketplace. Venerable Jean-Paul Guerlain is struggling to sell in a world very different from the one where his great-grandfather mixed eau de parfum for Queen Victoria. He wrinkles his well-bred nose at the thought of marketing and, it turns out, holds some distinctly malodorous views. Across the pond, an Estée Lauder executive attempts to bottle rock 'n' roll, but knows the real recipe for success is slick packaging. And running out of skin on which to test the new perfumes flooding the shops, the New York Times's first scent critic sprays his knee pit."

copied from Ant at the men section. Didnt think you wanted to miss this. Worth watching if you can view it on the Iplayer of the bbc. You'll need a british IP address though but you can use a proxy for it.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Feb 26, 2005
If anyone recorded it or can provide a link -- and it is probably some heavily copyrighted material -- please post.

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