Perfume Recipe - Fruity Santal

This perfume is designed for men and the main theme of Chocolate and Vetiver was borrowed from CANNABIS SANTAL EAU DE PARFUM by Fresh. The original perfume to me sounded like chopped with an axe with couple combinations standing out and I didn't like their Cannabis note at all. But it certainly captivated me with the unusual introduction of chocolate note into a dry woody base.

In my combination I decided to experiment with unusual fruity compounds replacing Cannabis in the heart note.

So, here it is - Fruity Santal:

Bergamot (EOS) 4 drops
Orange (EOS) 1 drop
Chocolate (NDA) 0.1 drop

Fig (TGSC) - 0.4 drops
Rose de Mai 10% (EOS) - 3 drops
Blackberry (TGSC) - 0.3 drops

Patchouli (EOS) 3 drops
Cocoa Abs (E7) - 0.03 drops
Vetiver (EOS) - 2 drops
Egyptian Musk (CBD) - 3 drops

Helpful Tips:
- Drops Can Be Different regarding dispensing sub-drop volumes
- How to Make a 10% Oil Dilution


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