Perfume Junky Backup Bottle Boasting Thread


Basenotes Dependent
Jun 9, 2011
With rotation, back-ups aren't neccessary for me... now. At one point my FOMO got to me and I bought a tester of the OG Amouage Epic man. After discontinuation I found a 50ml bottle of Bond's Andy Warhal and purchased that too. The only other one would be Amouage Tribute Attar, but I might not call that a back-up since the original was a split of a few ml with the original bottle.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 9, 2013
This surprised me. I don't think I've ever seen 4ml bottles of Sycomore in EDT form. If I did, I'd be snatching them up.
Big regret in not picking up that
200ml EDT way back before Chanel recalled.
Managed to pick up a used 75ml
2010 issue from another Basenoter. Just finished that a short time ago.
Snapped up the Mini's from a Russian Ebayer before the Invasion.
Have about 30ml of an EDP left, however it will never measure up to the Smoky deliciousness of the Unicorn EDT.
I will be nursing these Mini's surely.
Like the No. 18 EDT.
A 200ml would be a small part of Heaven.
Enough to bathe in it regularly would be Orgasmic.


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Oct 1, 2013
I'm not a big back-up gal. The only ones I have purposefully are 1 extra bottle and 3 travel sprays of Encens Chembur by Byredo since it was discontinued. It's probably my favorite office scent.

I accidentally have 2 backups of Eau de Lierre by Diptyque because my current one is about dry and I forgot I already had a backup from a few months back when I purchased another.

Finally, I have a back up of Paradisi by Jorum Studios because I didn't want to fight my partner over it when I moved for work, but he's since joined me in the new city and we merged our collections.

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