Perceptability And Power of My Formula

Bill Roberts

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Mar 1, 2013
Quick advice and absolute fact: There is no right of or sure fact of "deletion" when posting to the Internet or social media. Archives are made, quite often material will still exist on Google Cache (for a short time) or the Wayback Machine (more or less permanently) and any number of people may have copies and their posts or computer files are theirs at that point.

There was a great deal of fundamental error in thinking here.

1) Ever posting anything anywhere one isn't willing to be public record.

2) Imagining that true deletion exists.

3) Imagining one has a right over others to demand deletion of their posts or any content in them including quotation, not as respectful request understanding a person is entitled to decline, but insistence that one has a right and the other does not.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jul 15, 2020
I learnt lots of thing thanks to you and others in this forum. I developed or changed a formula estimated from this forum. Thank you Mike. We will learn more and more by this forum. But sometimes we can not understand eachother.


I think, now there is no problem for me.

Surely the original formula is not so great that it will be worth hiding or deleting.

Oh, and it's an Aventus inspired formula? Please...

I'm with the others on this, if you post in a public place, you no longer own the information contained in your post and forfeit any right to it. Mods deleting a post containing that information at the request of one user is unacceptable and inconsistent, undermining the spirit of sharing freely.

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