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Oct 7, 2000
After some soul searching with a sample set, I went for the English
Fern. Any fans of this wonderful green fougere? Very addicting for



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Dec 24, 2004
Never tried any of these, as they aren't available, AFAIK, in NC. I'm interested in hearing comments on the following:

English Fern

I'm concerned about lasting ability as the price is sort of high.


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Mar 18, 2004
I have Castile and it is a great scent. It is medium lasting power. I do not know about the ones you inquired about.


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Jan 13, 2005
I visited the Pentagalion's in New York City today, and I am wearing English Fern. I like this scent best of the few scents that I tried, and it smells soapy and green. The scent is classy in an old-fashioned way.


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Feb 7, 2004
I,ve just recently bought 'Racquets Formula' not in eau- de- toilette form but as a bath gel.....and i can tell you it,s amazing!.....a lovely lemony herbal scent with a hint of cloves ( thats what it smells like to my nose)

on the box the details are

Top Note: Citrus
Middle Note: Cedarwood
Base Note: Frankencense

Also bought Castile......a lovely rich neroli


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