Paco Rabanne pour homme VS Azzaro pour homme

Paco Rabanne PH vs Azzaro PH

  • Azzaro PH

    Votes: 66 65.3%
  • Paco Rabanne PH

    Votes: 35 34.7%

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Jul 4, 2011
Paco Rabanna PH, because it is more bold then Azzaro the lavender and oak moss are more distinct

if you want something a little more balanced and complex - Azzaro PH

but i think this type of scent calls for baldness


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Feb 27, 2010
One more for ApH. While on the topic though, I think a lot of the reason PRpH isn't as popular as it could be.. is because of its flaws. ApH is smooth all the way through, while PR is a little bit "rough around the edges" so to speak. What bugs me most about it, is that nasty plastic smelling sharp accord that dominates some of the top and most of the middle. It's unfortunate, because it smells amazing aside from that.


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Jun 28, 2011
after smelling the 2 of them , PR smells outdated for sure definitely for older crowd, on the other hand i can see anyone can pull Aph ( ok anyone who is 25+)


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Basenotes Plus
Nov 2, 2011
after smelling the 2 of them , PR smells outdated for sure definitely for older crowd, on the other hand i can see anyone can pull Aph ( ok anyone who is 25+)

I disagree. PR is for dad. Aph is for grandad.


Aug 3, 2012
These are two different fragrances and the only similarity they share is their unique personality and character that deserves respect.

AzPH starts off with a riot of colours whereas PRPH starts linear. AzPH then becomes linear and it's hard to make out the middle notes from the base notes. With PRPH the dry down is sophisticated and mature (in a smoky, dark kind of way) yet it manages to stay green.

Love them both.


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Aug 27, 2008
I have read someplace that the most important when creating Azzaro, was to make it better than their most annoying rival; Paco Rabanne pour homme!

Monsieur Montana

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Jan 14, 2015
When it gets to the vintage versions i love them both equally and cannot decide upon one of them.
They are both masterpieces.
If i have had to choose between the new versions then it is a very easy option.
Concerning that Paco Rabanne pour Homme smells completely different today as it used to smell 30 years ago,i would choose the new version of Azzaro in a heartbeat.


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Jun 1, 2015
I could hardly decide between the two, since both are stunning, classy, elegant and not even expensive

same here, Azzaro pour homme is good in any formula, but Paco Rabanne pour homme must be formula from before 1990s the current PR is disaster...... .....


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Jun 13, 2021
If it boils down to the true vintage versions, the first or second revision of Paco PH for sure. For new formulations, I'm not real sure because I have not sampled anything recent from Azzaro in ages.


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Oct 12, 2008
I haven't owned Azzaro for decades so, while I remember liking it, I can't recall what it was like. Paco Rabanne does seem.a bit dated and soapy but as I currently own it and wore it a few times this summer, it has to get my vote.

Hugh V.

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Dec 9, 2016
They're both equally good in my opinion. When I wear Azzaro PH more often, I miss Paco Rabanne PH, and vice versa.

Wearing them these days though, I'd say Azzaro PH is the better fragrance. It's not quite as dated as the Paco and it has very nice musky, shaving cream scent to it. It's classic.

Paco Rabanne PH is an amazingly good fragrance but it's really dated. It's old school clean-green smell can be interpreted these days as kind of skanky or funky.

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