Apr 19, 2016
Also got a parcel from Lalique. I requested samples from their men's section and their exclusive section and was not disappointed. Just email their contact us link from their website. IMG_20171102_135914.jpg


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Aug 20, 2014
Re: Geo F. Trumper---Free samples, *class act.

Just had a notification from Geo F. Trumper that they're sending me a sample of the new EdP Eucris. As is often the case, a polite request for a local supplier combined with a plaintive lament that i suspected their nearest stockist was actually 300 miles away (true) proved effective.


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Basenotes Plus
Jul 25, 2016
I contacted Aesop and they were very gracious in their response, AND they are sending me three fragrance samples gratis.


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Oct 12, 2015
Re: Geo F. Trumper---Free samples, *class act.

I know this is kind of an old thread, but here goes... I suffer from SEVERE MIGRAINE HEADACHES. Just a small whiff of certain colognes/perfumes will IMMEDIATELY send me into a tailspin & put me in bed the rest of the day hugging a small trash can.

Oddly enough this isn't enough to put me off the hobby of frangrace collecting entirely. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment [emoji19]. Anyways, I haven't had a lot of luck going to places like Sephora, or major Department stores to get samples of quality colognes.

I need to be able to dilute a very small spritz of it in a large bowl of warm water initially, to see if it affects me negatively. It's generally the "flowery smelling" & "sweet smelling" colognes that are the worst offenders. I have no idea what components of these fragrances make me so deathly ill, but I just know they do.

Any idea where I can get very small samples from good design houses, just so I can see what I can & can't wear? FYI: I don't need Tom Ford or Creed b/c I can't afford those anyway.

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Jun 13, 2021
i think tom ford stopped giving samples

Will provide free samples:
Hermes - USA http://usa.hermes.com/customer-service/contact-us/usa
Hermes - Canada http://canada-en.hermes.com/customer...ntact-us/ca-en
Frapin - contact@parfums-frapin.com (Now chargeing $10 shipping for full set)
Cereus - service@cereusfragrance.com (fragrance wipes)
Odin - support@odinnewyork.com (US Brahs only)
Penhaligon - byrequestUSA@penhaligons.com
Floris - http://www.florislondon.com/gbp/contact (Some were told a $8 shipping charge)
Byredo - info@byredo.com
Lacoste - http://www.fragrances.lacoste.com/US...perfume-sample (might be US only)
Hugo Boss - http://fragrances.hugoboss.com/uk/hu...en-free-sample
Geo F Trumper - enquiries@trumpers.com
Calvin Klein - http://www.calvinkleinfragrances.com/us/contact/
Atelier Cologne - info@ateliercologne.com
L'Artisan Parfumeur - info@artisan-parfumeur.com
Jo Loves - customerservice@joloves.com
Nejma - http://nejma-parfums.net/contact.html (I personally never received a response, might work for some)
Lalique - http://www.lalique.com/en_US/all-collections/perfumes
Comme des Garçons - Will send sprayed cards
Serge Lutens - Some report getting wax scented samples

No Free samples, you can purchase samples from:
Le Labo - (Sells 1.5ml spray samples for $6 each) http://store.lelabofragrances.com/en/C97/samples.html
Histoires de Parfums - (Set of 6, 2ml non spray samples : 10€ (About $13) Refundable after towards a full bottle purchase) http://www.histoiresdeparfums.com/us...ue-samples.php
MDCI (can buy sample pack though for 90 Euro, 5x12ml sample. Refunded toward future purchase of full bottle http://parfumsmdci.free.fr/)
Divine - (can buy all 12x1.7ml samples for 12 Euro) http://www.divine.fr/
Ormonde Jayne - (Discovery set 12x2ml sprays, roughly $75) http://www.ormondejayne.com/shop/other/discovery_set/
Heeley - (2ml spray samples, 3 Euro each) http://www.jamesheeley.com
Amouage - (Sampler Box for Men, all 12 for 72 Euros) http://www.amouage.com/boutique/products/?ID=578
By Kilian - http://www.bykilian.com/fr/
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - http://www.franciskurkdjian.com/frag...ns.html?lang=2
Carner Barcelona - (2.5ml samples approx $6.50. Free shipping) http://www.carnerbarcelona.com/eshop
Yosh (looks like they sell a sample pack though at luckyscent http://www.luckyscent.com/shop/secti...eet_Suite.html)
Krigler - http://www.krigler.com/
Tauer - https://www.tauerperfumes.com/samples.html

No success:
Diptyque (Can request samples at Holt Renfrew I was told)
Parfumerie Generale
Tom Ford
Narciso Rodriguez
Truefitt & Hill
M. Micallef
Frederic Malle (they will send 3 samples for a "shipping" cost of roughly $40)
A Lab On Fire (They state right on the website that they do not)
Bond No. 9
Jo Malone
Thierry Mugler (some got samples, some got denied) tmpconsumerrelations@usa.mugler.net
Miller Harris (Only UK brahs)
Van Cleef & Arpels

No Response:
Ramon Monegal
Mona di Orio
Acqua Di Parma
Santa Maria
Robert Piguet
Annick Goutal
Mark Birley

that list its not mine, i copied it from a fellow poster on another forum

Just a little update.

I have emailed almost every company on this list and will update it as I get responses. It seems like a lot of companies are only pushing "buy and return" tactics and mention "a free sample if you buy something". A lot of these companies seem very frugal and almost offended I am even asking through a very well written email.

My take away from this so far have been:
Buy it or don't, we don't care.
We are out of samples, but if you buy something we can magically conjure some up.
Buy our sampler sets for a staggering price plus shipping

So far:

Lalique - Extremely nice representatives and they are shipping out samples. Impressive customer service and kind reps.
Aesop - Yes and very pleasant to speak too however they have "discontinued most fragrance samples" and are hesitant to give any out.
Maison Goutal - Extremely nice people to speak too

Yes but at a cost:
Trumpers - Very quick response but laughable. They only sell the sets now and it's 71 dollars US after shipping.
Czeche&Speake - 1ml samples for 3 dollars a piece, free US shipping
Escentric Molecules - 25 pounds or 35 dollars plus international shipping
Atelier - $35/30€ plus shipping
Parfums De Marly

Xerjoff - Extremely rude representatives, I was shocked at they way they spoke to me.
Paco Rabanne
Bulgari - No, and extremely rude chat reps
Hugo Boss
Byredo - They play the we don't have samples, unless you buy something game.
Creed - They are conveniently out of samples and scents. I find this hard to believe.
Dolce & Gabbana
John Varvatos
Serge Lutens - Very rude customer service reps. Very pretentious.
Acqua di Parma
Carolina Herrera
Moschino - Very rude reps as well.

No response:
Van Cleef & Arpels
Tom Ford
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Dec 3, 2018
Thank you to Lalique. I tried their newest release, Lalique White in Black, and yes, they sent me a 3ml sample for free. I emailed them a nice email and received a nice response and sample.

But remember, it's Lalique; still wonderful and still making long lasting and projective scents at reasonable prices.

Thank you Lalique.


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Oct 25, 2007
Thank you to Lalique. I tried their newest release, Lalique White in Black, and yes, they sent me a 3ml sample for free. I emailed them a nice email and received a nice response and sample.

But remember, it's Lalique; still wonderful and still making long lasting and projective scents at reasonable prices.

Thank you Lalique.
That's wonderful customer service!

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