There are two things about Oman that make me wish I could go there.

1. The shipbuilding museum in Sur
2. The Amouage factory

I've wanted to go to Oman since about 2011. It was about that time that my friend's brother Clyde asked me if I wanted to help him edit his sibling's book. I said, "Sure!" However, editing a book after the author has died is a tricky thing, especially if one has completely different tastes in literature from the other editor.

I'm a Roald Dahl kind of person. My dear friend was a Dr. Seuss kind of person. And her brother Clyde is a Murakami kind of person. Put those elements together, and you're bound to have disagreements.

So what does this have to do with Oman and sailing and perfume?

My friend's book (and this is where my feeling about the importance of her book differs from how her brother views it) is about a journey -- one that the protagonist had to take to save her life. It involved a series of decisions that she was forced to make. One could look back on it and say, it was just chance that she ended up taking that journey, but every seemingly unrelated decision she made led to her salvation.

I never would have guessed that a decision I made four years ago would land me in a place where

1. There are decent sailboats for sale for < $20,000 and a ton of shipwrights too.
2. There are stores that sell Amouage.

It's not Oman, but it's got elements. And who knows! Maybe I will still sail to Oman anyway someday.

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