Olfactory Adventures with 4160 Tuesdays' Sarah McCartney


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Apr 2, 2008
An honest interesting article by Sarah, as always. Blowing away a few myths.

It reminds me of Mark Buxton's 'Hot Leather' --no actual 'leather' note is used -- it's all an illusion!


Basenotes Junkie
Mar 3, 2020
Sarah is amazing! So real, so down to earth, and so imaginative in her work. I love her playful sensibilities, and her overall vision of what perfume in particular, and beauty in general, can be. I had the incredible fortune to visit her studio and meet her in person, and she and her staff were marvelous. I can’t over-recommend a trip to see her studio, and experience her perfumes, right where they’re created. I hope I get to go back soon . . .

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