Old School SotD's


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Feb 25, 2009
This will be the daily Scent of the Day thread for the members of this group. If you happen to be wearing a powerhouse/old school scent, feel free to post it here.

NOTE: Please don't create separate SotD threads for each day, like they do in the Mens Forum. I'd like to just keep it to this one thread.

Today, my SotD is:




Basenotes Institution
Jun 26, 2009
Congratulations on this nice brainchild, shamu!

I. Zizanie (thank you, SiMo)
II. Azzaro Acteur


New member
Dec 21, 2010
Tabac Original EDC. This is a wonderful fragrance in a floral european barbershop style. I`ve just opened my brand new 10 oz bottle and I`m a happy man. Something was weird though because after putting the bottle back in the box and then opening the box again and smell it, I got an obvious fresh cut ginger note. Ginger is not listed in Tabac`s note pyramid and I wonder if I am misinterpreting another accord.
Another strange thing is that on my skin Tabac EDC has a powerhouse longevity (12h +).


Super Member
Jul 16, 2010
vintage fendi uomo. my cousin, who cant tell the difference between lectric shave and creed, said i smelled like a baby. i thought about telling him about the boozy note, the spice and tobacco, then i just said "oh". he would never get it.


Basenotes Dependent
Feb 25, 2009


Layered with Brut aftershave lotion and Brut aftershave balm, for the full Brut experience!

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