Basenotes Dependent
Jan 5, 2005
After the great success of the "last letter of a fragrance" game, I thought to start a similar game, but on notes of frags. It should be not only a boredom breaker, but also a way to learn something more about notes that are common to different scents. Absolutely dedicated to all but specially to noobs... :)

Rules are simple: if I name a scent, the next player must name a scent that shares a specific note with the one I said (and obviously specify the note).

Acqua di Gio ==> Acqua di Parma (jasmine)

So, let's start... I say...

Kouros :rolleyes:


Basenotes Dependent
Jul 25, 2005
Magnifiscent said:
Achtung Apekrul! ;)
Hehe... Acacia in Farnesiana has already been named.

Damn, my fault :eek:

Let's keep it simple:

Farnesiana ==> Pi by Givenchi (Vanilla)

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