Nice Tobacco Vanille clone ?


Basenotes Member
Apr 23, 2018
If you like Tobacco Vanille, buy Tobacco Vanille. No clone that I have tried smells as good, none has the longevity, and you're essentially saying to yourself that you aren't worth it, so you have to buy a cheap copy. FM fragrances, 906, on ebay for around £20. Charuto Tobacco Vanille (Pendora), £25. Eclat in Germany; they made a 'passable' Kilian Black Phantom clone, certainly better than the Dua one I tried. I don't know if they make a TV clone but they surely must do, they certainly have some great sounding tobacco fragrances (721, 738, 778, 687, 718).

I wanted to find a better version of Tobacco Vanille and I was willing to pay more for it. I tried Nuit a Salzbourg, otherwise known as Vanille Tabac by La Maison de la Vanille. Not bad! Spicier than Tobacco Vanille, but the longevity isn't even close. I tried Tobacco Dynasty from Noble Royale. Close to Tobacco Vanille, once again the longevity is poor. If there was a fragrance that was as good as Tom Ford's overall, that means the smell, the longevity, the presentation and packaging, I'd buy it. I haven't found one yet.

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