New vs old Miss Dior edp


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Jul 1, 2014
So, quick question - apparently Miss Dior edp 2011 edition has been replaced with a completely different fragrance. (The new one sounds worth a try since it's more a straight-up floral and less gourmand-inflected, but that's beside the point.) Have Dior moved the 2011 edition to some other niche in the line (as they seem to like playing musical chairs with Miss Dior versions), or has it just bitten the dust?


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Jul 20, 2015
Things seem to be changing fast with that line, taking a look at their website.

The color of the new edp seems to be about the same as it was, so that's confusing, but they're saying it's new. "Le Parfum" also seems to be gone. And there's a new "Rose Essence" that they're calling their "first Miss Dior vintage fragrance."

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