New Smelly Game Proposal


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Jun 28, 2016
I have received abut 3-4 samples last I checked. I'll be back at home at the weekend so hope to start smelling them


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Jun 14, 2015
thanks to all 3 judges who have put their judgments so far, for their commitment and their usefulness to us. I wait for the end of the game to give thanks.


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Jul 20, 2015
I apologize for the tardiness, I was in a car accident. I'd still like to submit if possible. If I am allowed, I will send my bottles this weekend or Monday the latest.



A little service info to the judges:
As I've had a lot on my plate lately, I haven't gotten around to shipping, despite having paid for it. My apologies.
I'm still going to send you all a sample, but I don't expect you to give me any feedback. I just hope you will find it interesting to smell. Or if you don't bother, I won't blame you if you just toss it.

I'm still holding out hope for these two shipments.


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Apr 9, 2020
Awww man, you flatter me. I've been absent from the forum for a while. Life has been, um, crazy.

I did make something but I just couldn't get it in the mail and felt bad asking anyone to judge it late. I also just couldn't come up with a brief because I was distracted by work and life.

I'll participate in the next game. I did feel bad about missing this one. I'll try to go back and read the Judge's reviews. Thx.


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Oct 8, 2018
I was so used to using the Tapatalk app that I didn't know the site was back up!! I had judged the perfumes and was ready to post last week!

Thank you for your patience, to the five submissions. Overall, even though a small turnout for this game, I am quite impressed with all of the perfumes that were submitted. Every single one of you should be proud of your creation! I didn't go *too* deep on feedback, and kept it more general. But, if you want specific feedback, feel free to email me at I most immediately reply there, so if you want quick feedback, that is where you can contact me. You can also feel free to private message me on basenotes, but I am not checking it too frequently these days so it may take some time for me to respond.

Have Book Will Travel- xii

Blind: Smells to me of a fruity floral with a very clean “sheen” to it. It also seems to be backed by some sweetness, a little powdery and a little wood as well. If I had to guess, there would be notes like linden blossom, honey, rose, sandalwood, maybe cedar. If I had to guess, there also might be a chunk of musk involved to give the clean, almost metallic effect. Overall, I like the first impressions.

Factual: So, the “cedar” I was smelling is definitely the frankincense and oud in combination with the other aspects of the perfume. I love the inspiration! I myself am a big “Expanse” fan, and I love the way that the clean “space” feeling was employed. I can almost smell the adventures that Miller went through on Ceres.

Creative direction: I think you did a great job with the direction of the perfume, capturing the image, memory, location in your head and making it into a smell. I think that the clean and “space”-y aspect could be brought down a touch and you could still achieve the same effect. Additionally, the honeyed notes might also come down a touch. But, these are very picky and personal preference-based observations. Once again, nicely done.

Osmanthus and the Moon- Pinkster

Blind: My first impressions are of a greenhouse of green, shiny plants, although it doesn’t smell super close to this at all. This smells like it is coming from something green, like stemone or another green leafy material. I get a very clean osmanthus a little as well, and maybe a vague background of woods.

Factual: Firstly, I love the delivery with the written poem and the lovely cursive—I have horrible handwriting so props haha. As for the perfume, I did get the osmanthus note and the tea as well, in combination with the green mandarin. However, I do not get the oud very much. The musk works nicely with the elements mentioned already. The perfume does a good job of giving the “moonlight” imagery evoked by the poem, so well done with that element.

Creative direction: It sort of smells earthy, green, sharp, slightly citrus in the opening. I think that the opening sharpness of the green and clean is a tad too dominant. I think trying to balance it out with other ingredients might help to calm that down. Some ingredients to consider testing are top note salicylates, koavone for a little warmth, maybe even a slight honey nuance(just a touch). The opening quickly calms down to a place that I quite enjoy. It smells a bit like some osmanthus black tea I have right now. I think that the oud/frankincense could be brought out a touch, or other warmth/woody ingredients could also help. The general takeaway for advice would be to blend the fruity floral and clean crisp notes with other woods by spiking the woody warmth a little. This could potentially be done with high g-isomer iso e super. It is in a really great spot though and you should be proud! Nicely done.

Rive Loire—Geco

Blind: There are two immediate thoughts that come to mind when smelling this—slight hints of Creed Viking and hints of one of the perfumes from the last game, although I don’t remember if the perfume from the last game was Geco’s or not. It smells lovely, overall. Clean, citrus, spice, wood, sweet, a touch floral. It is definitely more modern but not at all cloying or uninteresting. I can’t discern many notes individually, which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, rather just an observation.

I did not find a description with this perfume in the packaging or in the designated post, so I don’t really know how well the perfume connects to the brief, or if there is one that was meant to get to me.

Creative direction: I think that all the right materials have been chosen for the perfume, which is 80% of the battle. Now, it is just about blending. The perfume is already blended pretty well, but I would still push Geco to go that extra 1% to try and make it absolutely unified. It is already 99% of the way there, and smells great! Additionally, if the perfume from the last game that smells similar to this one is yours, I would encourage you to branch out with what ingredients you use. Not only will it challenge you as a creative, but once you learn how to use more and different ingredients properly, it opens your world to an incredible amount of directions to take with your perfumes.


Blind: Immediately fig. Right out of the gate. There is a bit of a clean element as well, maybe pink grapefruit. There is also a slightly smoky vanilla and wood background. It is unusual as far as perfumes go, as the fig is super forward in the formula and is more dense than most fig notes I have smelled before. It smells very lovely, but I would sooner make this into a candle for a living space than wear as a perfume.

Factual: I named some of the notes, but didn’t catch the others on my blind smell. I do get a little spice upon smelling more, but not much sea salt or musk. I do get the immortelle/floral note, and it accompanies the fig nicely. The brief matches up with the perfume and does evoke some sense of Ferntim’s memory of Syros in my mind. And now I want to go there. Thanks a LOT. J

Creative direction: Based off of your memory of the place, I think that the fig is too heavy, especially the stemone. I think stemone is crucial to the fig note, but I think it pops through the texture too much in the very beginning, and sort of dulled my first impression. But it soon dried down into a nice, full perfume. Additionally, I would like to smell a touch more sea salt. In my mind’s image of your description, I envisioned a saltiness that would work well with the fig, but don’t get all that much of it, just a touch. Consider taking a look at floralozone, maritima(just a touch or itll smell like a brine fest), and cyclohexyl ethyl alcohol for the saltiness/aqua. I have more suggestions for “salt” where that came from, so feel free to ask. Additionally, the fruitiness of the fig might be dulling the dryness of the perfume, which I was also looking for considering the brief. I did get a little dryness, but I think even a touch more would benefit the perfume. Consider methyl cedryl ketone to try this out. If these adjustments are made, I would absolutely wear this as a perfume. My main feedback is just a little too much fig, and the others are nitpicky extras. Great perfume and great job!


Blind: Immediately, I get lavender/coumarinic nuances, vanilla, methyl cedryl ketone or something similar, and a sweet tart-like candy note. I think that this is likely due to some fruity-vanilla combination, along with a powderiness that sometimes comes from lavender/coumarin types. This could also be from some influence of heliotrope. There is some woodiness popping out from the background, as well.

Factual: Overall, there are many elements that match the brief and a couple smaller elements that don’t. The apple note ended up being pretty candy-like, which the description does agree with. I personally think that it is leaning too much candy and not enough apple. I get some rose, which is listed, but I sooner get lavender and heliotropex N, which aren’t listed in the notes of the perfume, and I would interpret that those are supposed to be gorse(haven’t smelled before, unfortunately) and damp earth. I do get the vanilla/amber/woodiness of the aged lumber and dry planks, as well as a touch of the booze casks. Overall, it matches the brief but could match the brief a bit better!

Creative direction: As I stated earlier, the sweet notes of the perfume are combining with the top fruity notes to make it a bit more apple candy than true apple. If this is your intention, then keep it as is! I personally would like a little more crisp, fresh apple. I can’t say what gorse smells like, but there is definitely a chunk of lavender and heliotropex in there that dominates the florals: I don’t mind this! I just can’t comment on the accuracy to gorse. The sweetness from the heliotropex could potentially be making the apple note smell more candy like, but you would have to test variations to confirm this. As for the booze casks, I could still get a bit more of a booze note to the current sweet wood background. If you are trying to make it more of an abstract picture of Mael Duin, then I think the only thing I would change is the candy to fruity. But if you want a bit more detail, then I would try adding a bit more booziness, and even a bit more rose, since that is a listed note and lavender isn’t. Overall, besides the initial top note candy, I think you did a wonderful job! J

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