New Marketplace coming soon – please read if you have a current Marketplace Ad

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Short version: We're updating the marketplace. If you have an advertisement on the current marketplace you will need to move it over to the new system before October 31 or it will be removed. This does not currently affect Splits

Longer version

For many years we've used the message board as a way to offer our members a way of selling and trading their unwanted fragrance items. In fact, we were using a forum for the marketplace before we even used a forum as, well, a forum.

However, using a forum as a marketplace does come with its drawbacks. It's not really designed to be used as a place to sell items, and you end up having to use all sorts of kludges, such as stopping people from bumping all the time.

So from Monday October 31st, we will be launching All New Basenotes Marketplace

We will be using software that has been specially designed for placing these types of ads, so it will hopefully be a lot more user friendly.

Features Include​

  • Pictures show in the ad listings, so you can get an idea of what the item(s) look like
  • Member can ask questions on the item (rather than having to send conversations)
  • Transactions function, which allows you to keep track of orders and keep your buyer informed with things like shipping dates, etc
  • And lots more...

What we need you to do​

  • Go to the new Marketplace
  • You can have up to three open Ads, which gives you the chance to have a For Sale Ad, a Wanted Ad and a Swap ad (You can alternatively have three for sale ads - it's up to you)
  • Post a New ad - you can copy and paste most of the information from your old ad (A guide to posting is here)
  • When you have created your new ads, edit your old ad with a link to the new ad. This is so we know it has been done, and so people can find your new ad.
Splits will currently stay where they are. No need to move splits

New Rules​

There are some new rules here. I have highlighted anything that is new, to make it easier.


The new system has feedback built in - Before the switchover, I will close the current feedback and transfer it to the new system,

Any questions or problems​

Please post them below. I'm sure there will be some teething issues, but we will get them sorted !

Cheers all

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Basenotes Junkie
Jan 27, 2016
I'm confused at this point; I see all the postings in the "old" Items for Sale thread are still there, including mine? I thought they were going to be gone on Oct. 31st.


Basenotes Member
May 27, 2014
I'm confused at this point; I see all the postings in the "old" Items for Sale thread are still there, including mine? I thought they were going to be gone on Oct. 31st.
I dont see mine and im trying to copy it into the new ‘marketplace.’ Not sure what’s going on


Basenotes Founder
Staff member
Basenotes Plus
Sep 29, 2000
I'll be re-implementing the feedback system on the new marketplace soon. Going to need a free afternoon where I can concentrate.

Before I do it I'll be turning the old feedback off briefly, and will give you notice before hand


Super Member
Oct 21, 2010
Would it be possible to add "Sales," "Trades," and "Wanted" buttons to the lefthand side? With all the different types of ads converging in one area, it would help make navigation a bit easier and less cluttered than having to do a search


You smell good! 😄
Basenotes Plus
Dec 18, 2011
We need to have a community discussion about the new Basenotes Marketplace, in my opinion. The current Marketplace has so many problems, it's essentially non-functional. Bumping accomplishes nothing now, no one sees our ads (unless they specifically go looking), and the search function doesn't work.....just to name a few.

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