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Dec 25, 2022
Hello and Merry Christmas!

I'm 42, from Europe and I am interested in perfumery since 1 year ago.

While I tested and bought a lot of perfumes in one year, I've started to realize I am mostly interested in strong, long lasting perfumes.

My favorites so far are Kouros (the original version), Ted Lapidus pour Homme, Al-Rehab Lord.

Strong likes: Quorum, Azzaro pour Homme, Boss Number One, Lagerfeld Classic, Salvador Dalli pour Homme, Bogart Signature, Bogart One Man Show, Bogart One Man Show Gold Edition, Drakkar Noir, Geoffrey Beene Grey Flanel, Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green, Lomani pour Homme, Lalique Encre Noir, Encre Noir a L'Extreme, Encre Noir Sport, Aramis Aramis. Most things with Vetyver, castoreum, civet and greens.

Ok: L'Eau D'Issey, Azzaro Chrome Extreme, Eau de Rochas, 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, Terre d'Hermes, Creed Aventus, Dior Eau Sauvage, Mugler Cologne, most Aqua di Parma fragrances, Antonio Puig Agua Brava, Paco Rabanne pour Homme, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male, Miraculum Brutal, Boucheron pour Homme.

Don't like: anything smelling like food or dish soap, anything too sweet or with lots of vanilla or chocolate, too much lemon, Invictus, One Million, Sauvage, Givenchy Pi, most aquatics, most recent perfumes by Prada, most recent Paco Rabanne perfumes, edibles by Mugler, CK One, CK Shock, most Joop perfumes.

Higly wanted: a good clone of original Kouros, other perfumes in the same family as Kouros and Ted Lapidus pour Homme: smelling both clean and dirty, smelling animalic and with good longevity and sillage. Also an alternative to Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green, which is sadly discontinued, so something smelling green but not like a car deodorant. Also a good Drakkar Noir Clone since the original lasts very little on me. (Dakar is very nice but it's not a 100% Drakkar Noir clone).

Want: barbershop fragrances, manly fragrances, things that are similar to Azzaro pour Homme, Quorum, Boss Number One, Dalli pour Homme. Almost anything by Jacques Bogart and Ted Lapidus.

Currently on buy list: vintage Kouros, Jacques Bogart Furyo, Milton Lloyd The Man Silver (Kouros clone), some Kouros resembling oil from Amazon which I discovered on Basenotes, Al-Rehab Landos, Versace l'Homme, Arquiste El, Roccobarocco Joint pour Homme, Sung Homme, more fragrances by Aramis, Jacques Bogart Riviera Nights, Caron Yatagan, Ralph Lauren Polo Green, Jaguar Green, Francesco Smalto Smalto, Marbert Gentleman, Davidoff Zino, Davidoff Davidoff, Enrico Coveri pour Homme, Luciano Soprani Uomo, Roger & Gallet Open, Orientica Wild Neroli, Bijan Men, Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense, Burjois Masculin 2, Caron La 3e Homme de Caron, Jacques Bogart Story Green, Jacques Bogart One Man Show Ruby Edition, Al Haramain Portfolio Neroli Canvas, Yardley English Blazer and also more oud based fragrances and more Arabian fragrances.

Since stores do not have the kind of perfumes I like I mostly blind buy my perfumes after reading online on Basenotes, Fragrantica and after seeing what people with similar tastes would recommend. After discovering what kind of perfumes I like I was never unhappy with any purchase.

After selling and giving away some tens of perfumes I dislike I have between 70 and 100 perfume bottles which I like. Since I recently started working from home, I will probably also wear them in house, what else can I do with them?

I would like to enlarge my knowledge here and also find more people with similar tastes.

Shifty Bat

Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 8, 2010
A person of Taste, I see. Based on your likes and dislikes I would highly recommend you try Derby, Moschino Pour Homme, Bel Ami, Leonard Pour Homme, Gambler by Jovan, Perry Ellis for Men, Duc de Vervins (may lean a little soapy), Ungaro I and II, Jaguar and Jaguar Mark II, vintage Halston Catalyst, Deep Forest by Bogner, original Dunhill for Men, and Gucci Pour Homme (2003) if you get the chance.
In any case, welcome aboard!

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