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Jun 26, 2009


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Jul 20, 2015
I might check it out.

I have gone with vintage Egoiste Platinum today. The bottle seems to date to 1995 - it was released in 1993. People pass up used splashes online, so they're all mine.

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Jun 10, 2012
Good idea, but honestly I'm wondering if it would be a bit too much of segregation.

I see posts in the MFD that have no business there and should belong to perfume appraisals or perfume shopping city guides.

I'm also curious whether "Has The One for Men Parfum been reformulated?" belongs to this forum or not.


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Mar 17, 2011
I've spent some time moving a lot of threads that a blatantly about vintage scents to the new board.

If I have missed one of your threads or any that you could remember, could you please send them to me as a PM or use the 'report post' button to tell us you want it moved.

I think over time this new board will become a very in-depth source of information for those who are vintage freaks (me included!). I think Grant will be issuing me with a certificate soon... :rolleyesold:


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Basenotes Plus
Oct 3, 2008
Wow! Just noticed this forum for the first time, after following a thread moved here from the MFB.

No wonder i have been alone, lately, in posting to the Powerhouse sub-forum SotD thread.

Great idea.

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