New Feature: Your Perfume Year in Review (Updated for 2022)

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As we get to the end of the year, it's good time to look back and see what we have been up to. And if you're a perfume-addict, you might want to know which fragrances you particularly enjoyed this year!

Well we've taken all the work and thinking out of it for you! Presenting...

Your Perfume Year in Review

Clicking on this link will show you your perfume year - feel free to share yours in the comments!
(Please note that if you don't write reviews, use the wardrobes or scent of the day features then your review may be pretty sparse...)
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Jan 3, 2019
I've been waiting for this! I love Spotify's,'s and Goodreads' wrap ups, and I love this one too.
Thank you, Grant!

I chuckled when I saw the numbers of fragrances I wore this year. I do log all the sampling as wears, too, as I want to keep notes, and, well, I was sampling like a madwoman this year. There were days where I would sample ten fragrances per day, on all different spots on my arms and shoulders. It was a bit much even for me, so I promise to slow down next year. Less crazy jumping around and looking for what the world has to offer, more enjoying what I already have.

ClockworkAlice's Perfume Year in Review for 2022


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Apr 25, 2007
I like it, but lose the Lists (and leave "membership" to what's in the Collection). I can't speak for others, but I use the Lists (Test, Wish, and Swap) as "parking lots"; and, if I've tried any, they would appear in Tried. In the generated review for 2022, both the first and last Wardrobe Additions are Test entries, and do not reflect actual use. Alternatively, provide user-configurable choices for PYIR contents.

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