(Need help) Is this Amouage Reflection tester for man fake or authentic?? ?


New member
Jun 27, 2022
Hello guys, I really need your help. :)
I hope you guys doing well. I would really appreciate if you help me figuring out this one is legit or not.
This has a strong magnetic cap.
Batch code on the box can be searched : made in 2017
but there is no batch code on a bottle. Thank you.
I put pictures below , thanks.
KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_01.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_02.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_03.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_04.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_05.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_06.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_07.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_08.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_09.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_10.jpg KakaoTalk_20230127_163537926_11.jpg


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