'Nam Op Thai' or Ancient Thai Wet Powder Perfume


'Nam Op Thai' gives you aromatic, fresh and coolness that is really suitable for tropical country like Thailand.

It is an ancient Thai knowledge of 'Fragrance Making' and it was formerly wore exclusively by the people in the palace. Now it is available for everyone.

Thai people in the city have changed their taste to western fragrances, but people in the rural area still use it and we use it on inportant ceremonies like Wedding. There was legend that ancient Thai lady who use this fragrance smell so devine that even she left the room people can still smell her scent.

'Nam Op Thai' usually consists nutural ingredient like
- Nutmeg
- Incense
- Bergamot
- Saffron
- Sugar
- Virgate (Wood)
- Musk
- Various floral notes such as
-- rose
-- jasmine
-- frangipani or plumeria
-- ylang-ylang
-- vatica diospyroides syming
-- pandanus tectorius

'Nam Op Thai' is the ancient authentic Thai fragrance that Thai people still use. If you can to Thailand, you might find it in some survenir shop.


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Oct 4, 2011
It is something most foreigners have not know about my culture.

This clip shows how to make it.

The bottles in this blog was from the souvenir shop in a palace whcih is really welknown for its fragrances and the wanderful structure.

The 2 big bottles can somewhat categorize as Eau de Cologne, while the small flacon is called 'Nam Prung' and it is really potent like Eau de Parfum.

Nam Ob Thai is more unisex, but Nam Prung has the blust of floral so it is faminine fragrance.

You can take a tour by watching these clips. Sorry, I can not find English clip.
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Nov 18, 2010
Great ! Thank-you very much Wit-Siamese !!!
My good friend is going to Thailand until January and I asked him to bring me a bottle of Nam Ob Thai. I hope he will find it and that I can smell it. So beautiful it looks, and all the ingredients. Fantastic.
Thank you again for this information and nice clips.


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Nov 18, 2010
Oh I am not worried, but thank you. I will be happy if he does not forget !
I would like very much to smell all these natural ingredients blended in a pretty fragrance. Eau de cologne or de parfum, it does not matter.
I am so excited but I must wait until the end of january:vrolijk_1:

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