My Trip to London! WOW what a scent smorgasbord!


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Dec 12, 2021
Congrats on the trip and the anniversary.

Glad you got to hit Harrods as it has probably the best selection of scents in the UK, especially the salon on the sixth floor. Haven't' heard of half the stuff, and at £5,000 a bottle for some of it, Im glad!

If you or anyone else ever gets to head back there, I'd strongly suggest trying LesSenteurs, Jovoy and Bloom.
If you're into more obscure and off the wall stuff, Bloom is the best place to head to is bang in covent garden, so very easy to get to. It's my usual port of call for Zoologist, Prin's stuff and Houbigant, to name but a few.


Basenotes Dependent
Aug 19, 2012
My wife and I just got back from our 30th Anniversary celebration trip to London. We had an absolute blast! Many thanks and kudos to fellow basenoter Jon (the Yorkshire Man) for his excellent recommendations concerning everything from the best attractions to the can't miss scent shops.

A weird observation: there seemed to be a very pleasant "London Street Scent" which was a warm, sweet, almost berry like fragrance. My wife and I smelled it as we walked through the smelled like something Hugo Boss would release, kind of a Boss Bottled/PDM Kalan mash-up. Very present right beside the Tower of London before you cross the bridge.

Harrod's perfume room was an experience to be sure! So many different brands, and each sales rep treated us with kindness and patience. Picked up Roja Burlington 1819 and PDM Haltane while there. Tons of samples included for me and the missus.

We received equally good treatment at Selfridge's, which blew us away before we had gone to Harrod's. I picked up Roja Apex there. Overall, while I like the perfume department better at Harrod's, I prefer Selfridge's as a total shopping experience.

The Chanel Boutique at Covent Garden was quite nice, and I got to sample the whole line for the first time. After extensive testing, I walked away with Le Lion and Boy.

Fortnum and Mason was also an impressive shop, but paled in comparison to Harrod's and Selfridges.

The Roja Boutique in Burlington Arcade was nice, and even offered a 10% new customer discount. My budget was shot by that time.

The Penhaligon's Shop in Picadilly provided excellent service, and my wife replenished her favorite Artemesia with a brand new Anniversary gift bottle. I wanted a Penhaligon's scent, but none wowed me enough.

My only negative shop experience was Floris, whose associates basically ignored us. No harm done. Louis Vuitton was great in that they also left us alone as we sampled the whole line, without eyeballing us the whole time. Ignored, but in a good way!

We absolutely loved London and had the trip of a lifetime. Our hotel, The Conrad in Westminster, smelled divine! KInd of like Penhaligon's Endymion on steroids, and featured Byredo Mojave Ghost as the bath products in the rooms. Our weather was perfect, and we were blessed to escape town before the rail strike. We became real pros at the Tube! Let's go to Abbey Road...let's see...St. John's Wood it is!

We walked an average of 8 miles per day, so I did not gain an ounce! The sights were breathtaking. I'd never been out of the states. The people we encountered treated us so well! Londoners are friendly people in our experience. We'd love to go back some day with our adult sons. It was amazing.
Really pleased you both had a great time, Chuck. Sounds like you did some serious fragrance shopping as well as some serious sightseeing!
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