My Other Half Part Two; a Sniffing Trip!

So yesterday l managed to get my BF to accompany me to our local city centre branch of Boots for a little sniffing trip! Having poured with rain in the morning, it had turned into a beautiful sunny, warm afternoon, & the parks were as green as they could be after all the rain we've had this week, & smelling wonderful.

Our local football team were playing at home, (& winning!) there was a trial bike competition taking place in the square, & everyone seemed happy to be out & about, the atmosphere buzzing yet relaxed. We sat in the sun outside a pub for a couple of drinks first, (yes, we Brits love a bit of daytime drinking on the weekends!) & discussed the finer points of testing fragrance.

There were four that l particularly wanted to smell on him, & l pointed out which areas of his arms & wrists would be suitable for which. The idea being that those less likely to appeal to him would be best applied to the wrists, being easier to wash off afterwards, whereas those l thought he might like would be best applied to his upper arms. He was intrigued by the idea of such detailed planning, although he did express mild discomfort at being treated like a piece of meat! l assured him it was just a bit of fun, & that l thought indulging the senses was just as important as indulging the mind or the emotions. He seemed to understand this, & very sportingly he went along with it.

Off we went to Boots, & l got the friendly female SA to give him a spray each of Kouros & Fahrenheit on his arms, & Allure Homme & Antaeus on the wrists. By this time we were slightly merry, & when he obligingly flapped his arms to dry them, we got the giggles right there in the shop! Anyway, unabashed, we thanked the grinning SA, & the two of us proceeded to sniff his various scented body parts!

To my surprise, Fahrenheit didn't smell quite right on him; l'm pretty convinced this one has been messed around with since l last smelled it. lt came off as rather synthetic, & he pronounced it "headachey".

Antaeus was okay on him but not great either; l thought it smelled sweet, he thought it "lemony".

Allure Homme smelled very elegant & refined on him; l thought it would make
a perfect "dressed up for a special occasion" fragrance, he thought it "quite nice".

But of course, all of these were overpowered by one spray of the mighty Kouros, the fragrance that says "I AM MAN!" in no uncertain terms, the one he wore in his twenties. Wow, it really does smell incredibly skanky & poopy, yet strangely compelling, in an animal, "dirty sex" kind of way. And we both agree, it has not been changed at all! Certainly a miracle in this age of dumbed-down reformulations.

We continued on our way, stopping at various bars for more drinks & dinner, & stopping every now & then to continue sniffing him. l tell you people, doing this when slightly drunk is so much less embarassing & much more fun than when you're sober! And he really got into the spirit of it, bless him, knowing he would be plied with beer for his trouble.

By the time we got home, (we'd had enough by 10pm!) Antaeus & Fahrenheit had been washed off, Allure Homme was still sillaging softly, but Kouros was only just entering it's mid-phase of salty-musky goodness, & l still couldn't stop sniffing him.

What a fun-filled day; l'm so pleased that he finally indulged & enjoyed my perfume madness, & proud to be with a man who can pull off the legendary, ultimate masculine, Kouros! :wink::smiley::happy:

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