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'You know they say it's quality not quantity that matters, but when trying to answer the difficult question "Which houses are your favourite?" it's easier to pick them by the number of scents one loves coming from that particular house. The higher the number, the higher the percentage of great scents from that house, the better.

Currently my TOP 9 houses and their numbers look like this:

Comme des Garçons - 27

Serge Lutens - 21

L’Artisan Parfumeur - 15

Annick Goutal, Caron - 11

Etro - 10

Guerlain - 9

Les Parfums de Rosine - 7

Gobin Daudé - 5

I'll start with Gobin Daudé. It's the only house I own the complete line from. I'm happy I was so smitten with these scents that I had to have them all, and acted in time because this amazing line was unfortunately discontinued and these unique, beautiful scents are very hard to find nowadays.

Rose scents are a relatively new discovery for me and Les Parfums de Rosine fragrances played a big part in my finding the beauty of them. I love the idea of making different interpretations of a same theme, and that's what this house is all about.

Caron and Guerlain are the grandes dames of this list: houses with a long prestigious history and many masterpiece scents that have turned into classics that are still in production. Their scents speak of long lost times, of Old World.

Etro and L’Artisan scents are very much what I would call "mood scents". Etro trademark is an interesting, musty "museum-like" house note appealing to bookworms and history buffs, L’Artisan scents range from cosy little comfort scents to Impressionist paintings.

The secret of Annick Goutal scents is the love and emotion oozing from them: they are inspired by and created for herself, her loved ones (husband and daughters) and the love for and between them. They are very romantic and enveloping.

Serge Lutens scents are bottled Oriental fairy tales, magic carpet rides, very much larger-than-life stuff. They take you on a trip.

Comme des Garçons is first and foremost an experimental house. On one hand they have produced challengingly synthetic "anti-perfumes" based on manmade materials, on the other almost chlorophyllicly green scents smelling exactly like leaves, grass and sap. Their forte are scents that are different and make a strong statement.

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