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Feb 27, 2008
My Musk Monday Morning scent is the underappreciated Sean John by Sean John.


This one (done by Harry Fremont, btw) has a "funky" musk accord which makes the fragrance mildly annoying at first, but very quickly turns fascinating. I can't prove this, but I suspect that Diddy was taking a clue from Tom Ford Noir here (even the box). Sean John very similarly uses a touch of skanky off-notes to create a fascinating, complex, "dark" fragrance, but this one has much more freshness and a mineral accord coming out of the darkness, which I enjoy. That part reminds me a bit of Rocawear Evolution. Overall, it makes me want to wear Noir again.

N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer

Basenotes Plus
Jul 1, 2011
As a pre-sync Creed Cypres Musc


Basenotes Junkie
Jan 20, 2019
Gold Man - Amouage

This one was just like Jicky for me. The first time i smelled it I thought three things at the same time. W, T, and F.

Both are very animalic and floral and both run contrary to most of the things I had smelled up to that point.

Gold is complex and very unisex. I encourage everyone to try it but discourage anyone from blind buying. I have a decant right now but this will be one of my next 2 full bottles from Amouage.
Aug 26, 2022
I’ll sync with Francesca Bianchi Unspoken Musk.
How is this one? I bought The Lovers Tale recently and have ptsd from how strong it is. It’s a gorgeous scent but I’m worried I’ll never need more than a sample vial of FB fragrances because of how nuclear they all are.

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