Most worn in November

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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Apr 19, 2003
Stats time again, this month looked and smelled like this:

8 Comme des Garçons
3 Poussière de Rose, Rose Kashmirie, Yerbamate
2 NomadTea, Rose d’Homme, Twill Rose, Un Zest de Rose, Vétiver (Carven), White (CdG), WoodCoffee

Lots of Rosines to bring rosy shades to grey and gloomy November.

What did you wear most?


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Apr 27, 2006
Looks like I've varied a lot this month.I have only 1 and 2 wearings,which is very unusual for me.A month of woody and slightly gourmandish scents+a few real Diva scents ;) Looks like I've been on a patchouli kick as well :p

2 x: Narciso Rodriguez edt,L'heure bleue,Lolita Lempicka L,Opium Fleur Imperiale,Le baiser du dragon,Mitsouko,Feminite du bois,Trouble & Shalimar.

1x: L'instant,Sa majeste la rose,Pure Poison,Gaultier 2,Fracas,Autumn,Chergui,Hypnotic Poison,JPG Classique,Contradiction,Parfum Sacre,Ambre Sultan,Angel,Bulgari Black,Egoiste,Aromatics Elexir,Jicky,Attraction,Crystal Noir,Cuir de russie,Opium,Omnia and Nu edp.

House of the month: Guerlain:)


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Sep 6, 2006
I've been here over a year now and you would think I'd have gotten a grip.....

Not so. Went through a sweet period - lotsa loukhoums, found Pink Sugar...sleeping in chocolate and black a CSP Vanilla (Apricot). Thanks to KBE been sampling "masculine" frags and spent a couple of days in Bogart frags - Bogart and Witness. Rediscovered Patou (added the divine Mille to my collection thanks to Kyra).Then I did roses, too - YR Rose Absolute - La Rose Jacqueminot a new fig.

I'll get a grip NEXT year......


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Jan 30, 2007
Mmmmm... must start keeping track, but aside from all the "sampling", I probably wore Shocking, Montaigne, Tabac Blond and Mitsouko the most.


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Oct 17, 2006
Chanel no. 5 parfum and edt
George Sand
Tabac Blond
Immortelle l'Amour

and lots of great samples, like Tigrushka, Rosines have held my interest. I think this month is the first time I wore the same fragrance for so many consecutive days, no. 5 and Jicky respectively. Am I settling down? Let's see what December brings.


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Aug 12, 2004
Got compliments on Aoud Roses Petals & NK Lavande layered with NK Incense!
Still not so sure about Bandit, although when solicited, a friend did say she liked it on me. She said it was subtle- I guess it kind of is on me. I'm still not sure about the dryout though. I find Gomma similar but in some ways appreciate the clean leather a little more in Gomma. Still craving a whole bottle of Agent Provocateur- who would have ever thought I could wear that one!!! Was definitely into drier scents this month with the exceptions of Fracas, Aqaba and Intense Tiare. Interestingly I didn't enjoy my wearing of Shalimar Eau Legere. Maybe I won't be getting a back-up bottle of that one after all.

Here's the month:

7- Aoud Roses Petals
3 – Aqaba; Shaal Nur
2 – Fracas; Agent Provocateur; Gomma; Feminite du Bois; Intense Tiare

1-off wearings: Child; Lolita Lempicka; NK Lavande w/NK Incense; Bois des Iles; Incense Rose; Frankincense/Myrrh/Rose Maroc; No 19; Bandit; Shalimar Eau Legere; Quelques Fleurs; Amarige; Shalimar w/NK Incense.


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Feb 4, 2007
Flowerbomb - 4x's
So In Love - 3x's
Angel - 2x's
Alien - 2x's
Chanel No.19 - 2x's
Gucci Rush - 2x's


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Dec 30, 2006
Ignoring the scents I only wore to bed, I wore:

Coney Island x 4
Musc Ravageur x 4
Ava Luxe Madame X x 3
Mitsouko x 3
Poison x 2
Hypnotic Poison x 2
Tabac Blond x 2
Virgin Island Water x 2

All others were single wearings.
Scents worn only to bed: Ava Luxe Madeline, Rose Angel, Eau de Chocolat, CSP Vanille Mokha. Yup, seems I like to sleep in gourmands!


The power of bleu
Basenotes Plus
Jun 3, 2005
Only two repeats this month: one old favorite, Fumerie Turque and one new favorite, Coney Island. I've lusted for Coney Island all summer and it was given to me as an early Christmas present. :)

I test drove six new-to-me scents this month: Alba, Attrape-Couer, Eau d'Hiver, Labdanum 18, Louve, and MKK. All were FBW to me and I could see myself purchasing several of them in the future ...


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Dec 30, 2006
I'm with you, SoB! I bought Coney Island more because I am a rollercoaster fanatic than because I loved the scent. When I first tried it I thought it was pleasent rather than knockout, but as I usually hate marines, I was surprised to like it at all. Then before I knew it, it became a staple. I love it, and even the cold winter weather doesn't deter me, though it's more of a summer scent. I find it's great for work, great for when I'm tired, and of course I wear it to amusement parks and fun fairs. :D


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Sep 7, 2006
I wore my centifolia rosewater in Nov more than anything else. Didn't feel like a lot of perfume last month. I did enjoy the Montale Velvet Flowers sample I got and wore that for a few days.

the non blonde

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Aug 18, 2007
I tested many, gave lots of attention to Andy Tauer's Bottle Journey before writing my review. Most worn for fun were the Serges: Fumerie Turque, Louve and Chergui.


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Nov 5, 2007
Thank you ladies (and gentlemen). This is the first time in my life I've ever tracked my usage, so it is interesting for me to see what I did. I realized after completing this list that basenotes has had a real impact on my daily fragrance choices. I have not done my usual "repeat the same frag for days at a time" routine. I am diversifying my daily usage and purchases (though am not ready yet to buy things that smell like chocolate - I like to eat it too much :D ) This month I'm going to try layering which is new to me too.

Was busy testing samples this month (thanks to Renee :wave: , and Perfumed Court) so did not wear some of my usuals and there were no repeats, unless I lost track (except to wear something to bed).

L'Heure Bleu
AA Rosa Magnifica
Voile d'Ete – wore more than once cause wore to bed some evenings
Jaïpur Saphir
Madame Rochas
Jardins De Bagatelle

Bought blind and wore/tested:
Plus Que Jaimas

Tested: (the ones I decided to buy in red – like my checkbook balance)

George Sand , Jicky , Pampelune (giving away), Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie, Eau de Camille, MPG Rose Muskissime – wore several evenings, MPG Rose Opulente, Ambre Sultan,
Datura Noir , A la Nuit, Arabie, MPG Secrete Datura
Eau du Camille, Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie, Rose Barbare, Patchouli by Jalaine
Le Baiser du Dragon, Une Zeste de Rose, Sa Majeste la Rose, Fleurs d’Oranger, Douce Amère, Fleur de Rocaille, Nocturne .
Narcisse Noir, Parfum Sacre, Bellodgia

Planning to buy as a result of testing: Le Baiser du Dragon, George Sand


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Jan 9, 2007
I haven't counted but I know I've been wearing Cashmere Mist, Elixir des Merveilles, and Omnia almost exclusively...I'm lusting for some incense, but all I have right now that fits the bill is YSL Nu and there's something metallic and chilly about it in the cold weather that doesn't make me happy...woe is me, I need to give myself an early christmas present I think.
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