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Owen Bawn

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Oct 18, 2021
I wore Acqua di Parma a lot this month. Original Colonia and Essenza each got several days' wear; Colonia Club twice, maybe 3 times. A couple days each for Boucheron Pour Homme EDT and Blenheim Bouquet, which I'm wearing this morning. I wore Dunhill Edition, Dunhill Century, Floris JF, and Bronnley's English Lavender once.


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Apr 21, 2014


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May 29, 2021
Kind of shocked to see I wore Azzaro PH more than anything else.

I started with a carded sample ages ago and never quite loved it. Occasionally circled back out of curiosity. Learned to appreciate the dry down, but still didn't really like the spiky anise opening. Somehow I got a bee in my bonnet over the past month the lack of classic fougeres in my collection, and I dug out and wore my APH sample a few more times. It didn't quite click, but I could see why people liked it.

After learning the latest refillable formulation is supposedly smoother and better performing than prior modern formulations, I ordered a bottle... and it's everything I was hoping for and more. The spiky top notes are much better blended in this formulation. Lasts 3x as long and smells much better than my carded sample, which I assume was one of the rougher, earlier post IFRA reformulations. The refillable bottle is fantastic.
May 14, 2019
9 wears

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Sep 3, 2014
I like Musk. Musk also seems to be for anyone. Its also great in the warmer weather it brings out all of the notes. Sandalwood especially .

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