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Jan 26, 2022
I just checked my stats (prompted by a "Hey Salumbre, check out your Perfume Year in Review for 2022" banner), and found out that my most worn fragrance this year has been Hermes Equipage.

Granted, I haven't necessarily been reporting my SOTD with any regularity. But I guess it still says something about me, and about my ever-increasing love of Equipage.

What is your most worn fragrance of the year so far?


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Mar 5, 2022
Caron Pour Une Homme (unisex, calm, unobtrusive) then Chanel No. 5 edt and Guerlain Lavande Velours (R.I.P.) in second place. I wear Guerlain Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat almost everyday but because it's meant to last 10 minutes max (in the very fabulously 18th and 19th century manner) I don't count it.


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Jul 20, 2015
Most worn in the last year:

Antaeus Sport by Chanel​

58 Wears - Antaeus Sport is a safe, easy pick for going out, and I have a bottle that I'm focusing on finishing before breaking out one of the backups.


Escada Homme by Escada​

45 Wears - Likewise with Escada Pour Homme, I have a close-to-empty bottle I'm finishing before breaking out the backups.


Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis​

28 Wears - I wear Tuscany to help keep the peace. The opening is always a crowd pleaser.


Antaeus by Chanel​

25 Wears - Antaeus is another safe pick, and probably the consensus favorite here at the house from my collection.


Jules by Christian Dior​

24 Wears - Having Jules is almost like having a third version of Antaeus.


Calvin by Calvin Klein​

19 Wears - I get excited about wearing Calvin, so I'm a little surprised it doesn't have more than 19 wearings in the last year.


Patou pour Homme (original) by Jean Patou​

16 Wears - Patou Pour Homme, like Havana, is a big crowd pleaser.


Santos by Cartier​

15 Wears - With Santos, sometimes the longevity is iffy, and it's not trending as much as it once was.


Bel Ami by Hermès​

13 Wears - Bel Ami has a smell that can come and go, which isn't my favorite kind of performance, but the good moments still make it a top 10 fragrance for me.


Égoïste Cologne Concentrée by Chanel​

13 Wears - Egoiste Concentree is edging out regular Egoiste and Bois Noir over the last year, rounding out the top 10.

It's somewhat interesting to think about the perfumes that didn't make the list this time, e.g., Moschino Pour Homme, Polo.


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Nov 20, 2017
Most worn in the last year :
Bottega Veneta pH EdT 43x a most excellent workhorse
CdG Black 35x stealth scent for work
Hermes Bel Ami 33x all-round classic, but Equipage is my favourite

Black could well overtake BV by the end of 2022, as it gets worn more in cooler weather, and BV more in warmer.
Top spot for BV demonstrates the return to in-person work, and wearing more discreet, conventional scents.

Most worn house = Etro, not represented in top 3. House from which I own the most scents.
Surprised it wasn't Hermes (Bel Ami + Equipage + Equipage Geranium etc)


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Dec 5, 2007
My most worn so far in 2022 is tied between two frags from the same house ( and for the first time, it’s not DSH Perfumes!):

TRNP East (2022)
TRNP Blue Lotus

I‘m not surprised by this; I discovered these fragrances early this year, bought them immediately after trying them, and wore them many times across the seasons. They are among my top 25 ever. 🥰🥰


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Jan 3, 2019
There's still a month of 2022 left and I personally like to tally the numbers after the year is done. But sharing stats is so fun it's hard to wait!

However, so far my most worn scent of the year is Eau de Sisley 3 by Sisley. But I already finished this bottle and Les Amoureux de Peynet by Molinard is just a few wears behind... and since it's one of my favourite and most worn scents overall, it's entirely possible for the first place to change :)

However, it's pretty clear that I love my citrusy fragrances.


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Apr 25, 2007
My most-worn fragrance in 2022 has been tba by unknown :p I hate when my "Currently Wearing" displays last night's fragrance -- now gone, but not forgotten; so, when I arise I update to "tba".

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