[Men's] SOTD Wednesday 7th of December 2022

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Apr 17, 2006

Javanese Patchouli


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May 10, 2019
masculin Pluriel | MFK | Kurkdjian


Oh darn, I’m really liking this one each time I wear it. I’ve been leaning hard in the direction of modern fougéres the last two years and, despite the want list getting disproportionate to other profiles, I see no sign of this abating. But artists who play it up in a unique way will get my attention, even when just playing off variations of essentially the same core notes with some unique additions here and there.



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Jan 2, 2009
SotE: Dior Fahrenheit Parfum. Easily the all-time best version. I love it every time I wear it. All the best parts of Fahrenheit amplified, minus the petrol note that disagrees with me. So glad it’s in my collection. Where is Dior’s next release in this upper echelon? Not the overpriced Privee line, I’m looking for another strong contender that’s somewhat easily found in department stores. No more Sauvage flankers, please. No more takes on the lackluster Dior Homme makeover. Maybe time for an entirely new line?
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