[Men's] SOTD Wednesday 1st of March 2023

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Dec 5, 2007
SotE - Creed Vanisia.



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Jan 6, 2023
Agar Aura Java. After opening with that menthol-esque note that I find in many Agar Aura perfumes, this perfume becomes a wonderful, deep, rich, woody fragrance to my nose. As the skin warms, incredible woody oud scent bubbles waft all around me for hours (probably due to the oud and vetiver and papyrus). All of my Agar Aura perfumes have only gotten better with time, and I highly recommend his oud oils and perfumes to those individuals who like non-fermented ouds. Very satisfying on a cold Winter day.

P.S. 10 hours in and I still get wafts of this fragrance.


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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
May 2, 2010
Wow you will smell absolutely stunning today - awesome!
how do you find the all over spray ? is it necesseray ? and how do you apply it ?
They're both fairly decent for body sprays. The scent is very close to both original fragrances and they perform a little better than I expected. Great for layering. I used them like a deodorant body spray. Note: unlike the Dior Sauvage Very Cool Body spray, these Chanel sprays are not under pressure in the can. They spray exactly like an EDT would. Much less waste than the Dior versions.
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