[Men's] SOTD Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

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Jan 13, 2006

Jamal's Desert by Memo

Great choice! (y)

Varanis Ridari

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Oct 17, 2012

Pour Un Homme Sport (2015)

After wearing L'Eau, I switched out for the slightly older sibling. Really a good choice here, as this has more potency for the cold outside while keeping the fresh ambergris vibe.

Lavender is more noticeable here, and vanilla just about absent. In its place, a green lemon verbena note and some ionone buzzery around, giving a small connection to the "blue fragrance" scene without smelling like a total me too.

So yeah, this really could have been "Pour Un Homme Moderne" rather than "Sport", but I'm not complaining. Fans of the sweeter, more indolic, dandy facets of the original will not abide this monstrous fusion, but that's fine.

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