[Men's] SOTD Thursday 16th of March 2023


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Oct 25, 2007
Tumbao by Fiilit


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May 22, 2013
PDM Percival.

Have been tiring of more challenging scents. Wanted something fresh, easy to wear, not polarising and long lasting.

This is a Time Machine back to 90’s and 00’s for me. Blue, fresh, fairly generic and perfect for what I want / need.

Not “special” but just perfect for when you want to just smell clean and fresh.

Some days are not niche days.


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Nov 20, 2017
Sampling SOTM :
on one arm Rogue Fougere l'Aube. I don't like this as much as I thought I did during the original sample pass. In fact I find myself disliking other fougeres where the hay/tonka note is evident, such as Houbigant Fougere Royale.
on the other Etro Shaal Nur. Just to check how 'herbal' it is - not very, but it is nicely blended so the herbs/aromatics don't overpower. Look forward to wearing this more in warmer weather scent rotations. Boucheron Jaipur pH is my current eveningwear.

SOTD : Etro Palais Jamais. perfect for warmer (10C), rainy weather like today. Liquid green bergamot/Earl Grey tea, leather, and vetiver.
SOTN will likely be Etro Vetiver; darker, heavier, licorice vetiver.


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Jan 6, 2023
January Scent Project Gumus. This is a hard fragrance for me to describe as it is hard to delineate individual notes, but I would describe it as orange amber-ish (and I get the orange creamsicle reference that another person noted). Overall, I really like it in the cold weather and my guess is that it will get even better with maturation. It does have a slight bitter undertone on my skin. This was a good blind buy for me!


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