[Men's] SOTD Saturday 13th of August 2022

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Nov 4, 2015
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Feb 8, 2017
aramis by aramis (after shave) and deodorant

Last night at dinner my wife requested I avoid perfume for a while to give her nose a break from so many different perfumes, so I figure spending the weekend with just one scent, and an after shave rather than cologne or perfume--is a good compromise. :)

This came up after she smelled Nautica Voyage on me when she got home from work (I had just purchased it earlier in the day). My wife asked me what I was wearing and expressed her dislike for what she was smelling. She used to like this one on me years ago. Oh well...scrubbed it off. I do need to be more considerate, and try to wear fewer fragrances at home. My wife is a good sport overall, but just isn't a perfume person. Aramis however, is a favorite of hers--and she has smelled it on me for years--so it's always a good choice for keeping the peace.

edit: Threw The Nautica Voyage in the trash after one wearing. In addition to my wife expressing strong dislike for it, quickly realized doesn't suit me anymore either. At least it was inexpensive!
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