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Basenotes Dependent
Feb 9, 2012


Basenotes Dependent
May 29, 2021
SOTE: Lutens L’Orpheline.

I get why this is not well loved on here, but I also understand why it’s such a popular Lutens scent overall. The cashmeran is quite strong, and the incense feels tentative, almost noncommittal. If I think of it as more of an abstract woody scent, like the scent of ghostly birch trees shrouded in fog, and not specifically some kind of thin / underwhelming incense, I can see the appeal. In a way this seems to fit the ghostly theme too. I probably don’t need more than a decant, but I think there’s more depth to this one than people give credit for, even if it is pretty aggressively synthetic.



Wait, What's That Smell?!
Basenotes Plus
Jan 25, 2017
I’ve been on a PDE kick and am really curious to try Le Cri. How do you like it? Anything to compare it to?
I absolutely love it!
I'm on a PDE kick as well & so far Le Cri & Ambre Russe are tied for my favorites.

Maybe individual notes might compare to other fragrances , but I can't compare the entire fragrance to anything else.
The most prominent notes I get are the aldehydes & the rose mixed with the beautiful iris as they sit on this musky ambrette base that creates this stunning effect on my skin unlike anything else.
This is niche perfumery at it's finest & I will def be getting a back-up soon.

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