[Men's] SOTD Friday 27th of January 2023

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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
SotE - Amouage Opus V.



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Jan 6, 2023
Sultan Red Rose (Pure Parfum). This a wonderful, rich oud/rose fragrance that is at its best in the cold weather. However, as with almost all Ensar Oud fragrances that I own, I am reminded of Organic Chemistry Lab in college. I am not sure if all the perfume materials are hydro-distilled, but there is always something in his perfumes that remind me ( correctly or incorrectly) of solvent extraction experiments in Organic Chemistry lab.


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Basenotes Plus
Dec 31, 2006
Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice by Guerlain


I think this will probably be my last wearing from my bottle before I put it away until colder weather later this Fall. My bottle is dangerously low and the prices of it on eBay are outrageous...I can't see me owning another bottle. It is...to me...the epitome of a well done gingerbread-prominent scent. The only other one that I definitely smell gingerbread in (and I am not talking about that Bath & Body Works 'gingerbread candle' smell that is all over scents in Sephora and etc...I am talking about a real, natural, subtle smell of gingerbread) is Bois des Iles (Parfum) by Chanel


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Jan 5, 2022
Today I blind-pulled my 10th sample from my batch of 12 that I ordered from DecantHouse. By the prominent wood notes I was easily able to identify this as Bentley for Men Absolute

This improves my accuracy score up to 4/10

I think this fragrance is really not very good though. First of all the performance is quite low, and second it's just wood notes like you'd have in other perfumes and a bit of pepper over it. The woody cedar notes seem like an Iso E Super overdose to me, and generally it's just like a generic men's perfume base without the top or mid notes. This one's going in the D or F tiers, Bentley Black was so much better
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