[Men's] SOTD Friday 27th of January 2023

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Oct 25, 2007
Oud British by Maissa Parfums



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Jan 5, 2022
Today I blind-pulled my 9th sample from my batch of 12 ordered from DecantHouse. I was on the fence between Lalique White in Black and This is Him by Zadig and Voltaire. I guessed the latter because I wasn't detecting the bergamot or other aromatics and This is Him seems to focus harder on the pepper vanilla base. This was incorrect, I was wearing Lalique Black in White

This takes my guess rate even further down to 3/9, funny how I was nailing them with 12 options on the table but am now getting them all wrong with fewer possible answers

This goes straight to the base notes and it's a good wearable vanilla. It turns out that without even realizing it I ordered a fair few fragrances in the same amber-vanilla family: Prada L'Homme Intense, White in Black, This is Him, and Rochas Moustache

I rank this slightly better than Rochas Moustache which had some objectionable orange notes but not quite as good as L'Homme Intense which had an even richer amber-vanilla base.
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