Median GC/MS values for neroli

Bill Roberts

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Mar 1, 2013
I was going through my e-mail drafts (which is basically how I keep notes) and found an old item that could be of interest for some.

It's the median values of materials found in neroli from 17 or more different GC/MS's. By no means am I implying all are important, or that the best figures to have are the medians. If having citrus already, some materials are amply present already or are amply present for other reasons, and many others are IMO indetectable or offer no advantage in a final formula. That said,

L-Linalool 34.6
D-Limonene 14.0
Beta pinene 10.3
L-Linalyl acetate 5
Trans beta ocimene 4.5
Trans-nerolidol 3.1
alpha terpineol 3.1
Geranyl acetate 2.9
Sabinene 2.6
Citronellol 2.5
Geraniol 2.1
Beta myrcene 2.0
Neryl acetate 1.5
Farnesol 1.5
Alpha pinene 1.0
beta elemene 0.93
Nerol 0.79
Gamma terpinene 0.63
beta caryophyllene 0.59
Cis beta ocimene 0.52
beta terpineol 0.52
delta-3-carene 0.52
Alpha terpinene 0.5
terpinolene 0.43
terpinen-4-ol 0.40
Methyl anthranlliate 0.26
beta phellandrene 0.20
Indole 0.15
cis beta farnesene 0.14
para-Cymene 0.14
cis-linalool oxide 0.10
dimethyl anthranilate 0.09
trans beta farnesene 0.09
alpha farnesene 0.09
Geranial 0.06
Citronellal 0.06
trans-linalool oxide 0.05
1,8-cineole 0.05
Nonanal 0.04
cis-jasmone 0.04
Neral 0.03
Octanal 0.02
Methyl jasmonate 0.01

For linalool and linalyl acetate, few if any GC/MS's specified isomer. I wrote as the L isomer from other sources and from trials. Same for limonene being the D-isomer.

Also at this point I don't know for a fact why these don't appear in the above, but the spreadsheet has some values for further aldehydes from six GC/MS's for decanal (C10 aldehyde) and one each for the next two:

Decanal 0.07
Undecenal 0.01
Dodecanal 0.03

Perhaps they are not in the main part of the spreadsheet due to usually not being detected.
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