Masterpieces of the Perfume Industry on Ebay - Fantastic book, highly recommended!


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May 31, 2008
i just saw this on ebay, it's not my auction or someone i know, but i have this book and it's stunningly good! it's a large size coffee table book, well written, and the images are truly great. each single one of them, no duds here.

i think this is the single most beautiful book on perfume bottles. i am no bottle collector myself (i just love their content) but i love this book anyway.

this book goes way back in time, lots of 19th century bottles, then to modern or golden age perfumery (still mostly antique stuff.) the last chapter is called 'from 1930's on'. the bottles from these era's are unbelievable from a modern perspective.

here are the links to the auction (two of them)

note: one is almost new, the other is marked new.

the price is more than reasonable. it would be hard to find it cheaper anywhere.

do yourself a favor and get a copy while you can.

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