Masculine leaning Chypre Fragrance

N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer

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Jul 1, 2011
The most obvious one - Rogue Perfumery Mousse Illuminee. Chypre-Siam is great too but that one skews unisex.

Then there's of course the classic Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT. If you don't mind classic powerhouse scents - Chanel Antaeus, Guerlain Derby, Hermes Bel Ami, and Dior Jules would be ones to look at.


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Oct 5, 2022

One I tried recently you might want to check out although getting a bottle might prove tricky being discontinued/vintage. Carven Monsieur Carven a floral chypre that's quite delightful. I've seen some reviewers comparing it to Opium Pour Homme but never having tried Opium I can't comment. I could very easily see a lady wearing this.

And of course there's always... Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel but that is somewhat of an acquired taste!

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