Mak-7's Sale and Swap thread for niche perfumes


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Sep 19, 2019
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Greeting fellow Basenoters,

Here is my Sale/Swap list.

I am selling my perfumes for what i got them for, or lower. Some prices might be slightly higher on a more rare perfumes than the MSRP because i would have got them second hand myself.

When swapping - please approach from the "purchase price" and not "market value" standpoint. Little markup for shipping or smth is ok, but I am not willing to overpay for no reason.

Prices dont include shipping cost, those will be extra. I am located in Canada, prefer to sell within border limits, but willing to send internationally. Price for shipment is up for negotiation based on your preference but is usually C/$15 to C/$20.

In case there are multiple PM regarding an item, i will work on them in order of arrival, so first come, first served. All others will be notified of the situation accordingly.

Payments are PayPal, F&F or G&S +5%. I care for both your and my money security, so choose payment you feel most secure about.

Wish List:

Slumberhouse - Sova (flask or older)
Roja Dove - Kuwait
Roja Dove - Amber Aoud 100ml
Henry Jacques - Onction
Areej le Doré - Indolis
Areej le Doré - Fleux de Fleur
Hermes - Ambre Narguile (pre 2015)
Frederic Malle - Dawn
Xerjoff - Fars
Xerjoff - MV Agusta

Xerjoff - Indochine 19

In case any questions, offer or suggestions - feel free to reach out.

Thank you for taking a look 😉


Ensar Oud EO3 PP(30ml): C750/$600

Ex Nihilo Golden Wanderers EDP(100ml): C475/$350

Al Shareef Oudh Jasmine PP(25ml): C315/$250
Missing around 5ml and while cleaning the bottle alcohol got under the film so original label is gone thus low price or swap me for Ward.

Areej le Dore Manly PP(30ml): C275/$220

Wesker Eau de Mystique PP(50ml): C200/$160

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia EDP(75ml): C200/$160

Ahom Oud Ramadan Package ATTAR(2.5ml): 200/$160

Amouage Gold Vintage EDP(95ml): C200/$160

Masque Milano Montecristo EDP(30ml): C125/$100

Alguien Alguien EDP(75ml): C125/$100

Hermes Equipage EDT(100ml): C115/$90

Bois 1920 Relativamente Rosso EDP(50ml): C100/$80

Lanvin Figaro EDT(50ml): C100/$80

F Millot Crepe de Chine PP(29ml): C100/$80

The End .
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