Maison Anthony Marmin madness


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Mar 23, 2008
anyone else got this email from MAM (formerly AKEF) about a perfume oil for $272,259.55 a 12 ml bottle?
(yes, you read correctly: 273 THOUSAND 259 dollars and ... the piece de resistance ... 55 cents.)

i kid you not.

and get this (and i quote:)

>>We have decided to keep the olfactory description secret and exclusive. The only way to experience this piece of art is to make an appointment with us, because both owners have the 2 keys required to open the safe in our store in Dubai, where the perfume and the tester are kept.

You must also bring evidence that you can afford it, this is to preserve the quality of the tester

so people, don't forget your proof of (copious) income when go test this mythical oil (oh btw, it's called "Versailles." )

after receiving this i have decided to unsubscribe from their e-mails and not buy from them anymore (i have many of their oils and really like many of their creations, but jeeze, i remember a time when they wouldn't have DREAMED of excluding most all of their customers from a new creation. now they seem to take pride in it. what happened?)

i can't support this abject pretentiousness. clearly they are *not* catering to people for who money is no object (can you imagine someone like that being asked for proof of income so s/he can sniff a tester? like people who have super-costly oils made for them exclusively? i think not.)


definitely a marketing fail.

anyway. this actually is so disgusting to me that i just have to vent.



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Mar 23, 2008
don't you love the touch of two separate people holding a key each that are both needed to open the vault where the precious nectar is kept?


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