Libertine Perfumes 20% off three of their (First Day of Fall Flash Sale) . Sept 22nd only.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 28, 2016
Gilded, Sweet Grass & Gilded Spirits

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Here's Libertines website link ;

Shipping is free over $140 and samples do ship free.


I like that they just don't send alerts that same day as the sale.
I've always complained to other perfume houses via email, but generally, I never received a reply back right away.
That's ok, I understand.
It's nice to know that some do listen.

Libertine uses three methods of payment PP, GPay, and Shop Pay.
Shop Pay is like AfterPay & Klarna.
You can pay upfront in full or use the 4 Interest-Free Installment pay plan.
Which is nice.
I've never used Shop Pay. Pay Pal has 4 Interest-Free Payments also. I do use that.
Here's Shop Pays link to how it works.
I do not work or receive any residuals for mentioning Shop Pay and or any other forms of payments.
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