Lauder - La Nuit Tresor - EDP vs. EDT

Which one do you choose?

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Basenotes Dependent
Jun 16, 2018
I have to prepare for the winter holidays.
Age 17-70.
Close, but not so close persons.

What do you think about Lauder - La Nuit Tresor EDP vs EDT, current formulations?

Is it worth it? Does it fit?
Any other suggestions?

I prefer a good/mediocre perfume to everyone's (17-70 years) liking, than a very good one appreciated only by a one age group.

Thank you!


Basenotes Dependent
Jun 16, 2018
Lancome - La Nuit Tresor EDP

I tested it on paper today.
High pitch fruity-floral, smoke, burnt sugar, (possible) cashmeran.
Sauvage for Women 😆

I haven't studied it too much.

Well known (name), nice bottle, pleasant juice, strong, affordable.
It's just perfect!

Haha! It was easy this year. 😊

Last year I bought some Kenzo - Amour bottles without testing it beforehand. After about half a year I had smelled it from someone and I didn't like it. In fact, I can't say I didn't like it at all, but I was concerned that it was a rather polarizing fragrance - creamy/soapy/salty/some bitterness, like a body cream. Chances are some people didn't like it. And that's the whole point with gifts, to like it.



Basenotes Dependent
Jun 16, 2018
The paper strip was still in my car. After a while that throat-scratching and unbelievable tenacious odor (burnt sugar) started to choking me. That happened after 24 hours. :rolleyes:
So in the end I bought Lalique - Fleur Universelle.
That's what I should have done from the first time, but I forgot about it (Fleur Universelle).

Now you know. :)


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